Didymosphenia Geminata

A description of a Didymo is

That it's tan, brown, or white (not green); may form long white tail. The texture feels like wet wool (not wet). It's strength, is firmly attached, does not fall apart when rubbed between ringers.
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The Didymo originally born in Northern Europe and North America

The way it got to America

It is native to Lake Superior an parts of Canada around 1990 an invasive spread to some western rivers.
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Last Seen

Northern Europe and North America


It clogs up water ways like rivers, lakes, and etc. It also kill different types of fish, bacteria, and algae by not letting them get food and not have any air.
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The fisher man would have to clean off all the gear that they use because can affect the why they fish. They would have to also clean the bouts because with a lot of weight it can go down.