Peer Pressure At Discovery College

By Nathan Cowan

Who Experiences Peer Pressure?, and What is Peer Pressure?,Where does Peer Pressure commonly take place?

Peer Pressure is when a gang of people or just one person aims at one person and forces them to do something or say something. Children have to deal with Peer Pressure all around the world in so many different countries. Peer Pressure is the one of the worst things that can happen to you. People who experience Peer Pressure are at all ages they can be old or an adult then they can be young. Peer Pressure can commonly take place at School,College or a University or it can occur in a dark ally way a really early in the morning or really late at night so no one can see, because their are different ways to inflict Peer Pressure upon someone, one of them is by hitting them and beating them up until they give up or just using hurtful words and scaring them or blackmailing them until they say they will do it.

Peer Pressure At DC

I've seen Peer Pressure at DC and it looks horrible. I can't imagine how bad the person that experiences it feels. All these people or one person putting all this Peer Pressure on one person, but what i would like to say to these people that are putting Peer Pressure on people is " Imagine how you would feel if you were this kid, being bullied and pushed around " and i would try to put some sense into them.

When is the average age that you experience Peer Pressure?,Why do people experience Peer Pressure?,How to deal with Peer Pressure?

There isn't an average age that you can experience Peer Pressure there is only Peer Pressure, what i'm trying to say is that you can experience Peer Pressure at any age... Young, Old , Middle Aged no matter what you will always be bullied and pushed around unless you know how to deal with it. People get themselves in to Peer Pressure situations because they don't want to do something but someone is forcing them to do that thing ( Example: Smoking, Drinking, illegal things ). How to deal with Peer Pressure?, you can deal with peer pressure by once u can get away you go to the nearest police station,person, teacher or parent so they can help you deal with it.

Key Questions

Who experiences Peer Pressure?

What Is Peer Pressure?

Where does Peer Pressure mostly happen?

When is the average age you can experience peer pressure?

Why do people experience Peer Pressure?

How does Peer Pressure work?