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Is IRON FITNESS gym for you? Yes, because this gym offers a fantastic opportunity for high level athletes as well as anyone willing to change themselves by working hard and eating right. This gym will be located in Mississauga and will be easily accessible by everyone. New members will get the first week and two personal training sessions free of charge if they wish. The price may vary depending on the package that they choose. However, packages start off at $10.00 a month. Not only is the gym cheap to join but the gym is partnered with the city. This allows a family that is earning under the average income to apply for an activists. This activists gives the family $500 per person per year to use towards athletic activities all over the city. This activists can be used for this gym, therefore, allowing everyone to afford a membership at IRON FITNESS.

Team IRON FITNESS is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment, answering all questions regarding fitness, making you a better person, and becoming your friend. Team IRON FITNESS strongly believes if you surround yourself with the right people and atmosphere you will achieve greatness. IRON FITNESS is a gym for you and we wish to see you soon.