A Little Bit Scary

By, Caroline Godine

You may think that Stephen is a little bit scary but...

he gives money to charity. Stephen also gives food to people living on the street. When Stephen was little he started a charity to help people learn to play basketball.
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Stephen's Good Deeds

He takes his kids to the park every Saturday and takes them out to lunch.

Every Monday and Tuesday he works at the soup kitchen for at least five hours.

Stephen donates his blood and hair to children in need.

Stephen's Family

Stephen lives with his five kids, three boys and two girls. His mom sometimes lives with them. She is in Florida for three months and the rest she lives with them. Stephen is very wealthy and lives in a mansion. He lives in Boston. His house has a movie theater a pool, hot tub and a HUGE water slide.

Stephen's Activities

He loves his kids, math, golf, basketball and playing the drums.

Stephen's Favorite Things

He loves Basketball, he plays in there indoor basketball court. He loves when he gets to spend time with his kids. He in joys his charity and watching kids grow. He loves playing subway surfers on his iphone 5s