Spanish Country


Geography, Culture, and Weather

Barcelona is on Spain's eastern coast and the Mediterranean Sea. The closest major river to Barcelona is the Rio Ebro and the closest mountain rage is the Pyrenees Mountains. Barcelona is the capital of the province Catalonia who has their own language. The city hosted the summer Olympics of 1992. Barcelona's original name was Barcino. Barcelona has the largest soccer stadium in all of Europe. It's also where the church Sagrada Familia (Sacred Family) is. It was built in the 19th century and is the modern version of a medieval Gothic Cathedral. There is also the Museu d'Historia de Barcelona where the historical heritage of the city is preserved and put on display. Some typical foods in Barcelona are zarzuela, a mix of fish and seafood, esqueixada a cold salad of shredded cod fish combined with peppers and olives, and Mel i mato made with curd cottage cheese and honey. In the winter Barcelona's average temperature is 57 degrees, spring is 60 degrees, summer is 84 degrees and in the fall is 75 degrees.

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