Fundraising That Works

Giving- Add it to your list!

Supporting Heart & Stroke Made Easy

Imagine if your monthly grocery bill could help fund the needs of Heart & Stroke!

Well now it can. Meet Social Grocer.

Simply buy healthy groceries at regular prices on the Social Grocer website and watch as up to 12% from every product purchased goes towards the needs of Heart & Stroke.

To top it all off, groceries are delivered to your door!

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Support Your Local Heart & Stroke Chapter

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The Delivery Details

Minimum order of $50

Delivery Information:

Orders from $50-$99 is $10 for delivery

Orders from $100-$199 is $5 for delivery

Free Home Delivery on all orders $200 and over!

The order Cut-Off Date and Delivery Period is visible on the top right of the screen, below the customer information.

You will be notified of your delivery day via email.

Contact Social Grocer

Questions, concerns, suggestions, complaints, or compliments?
Don't hesitate to contact Ally Fellas- Manager of Community Partnerships.