Saint John of the Cross

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The Life of John of the Cross

Born June 24th, 1542 in Avila, Spain

Did his elementary schooling and worked in a hospital in Media, went to college in Salamanca, spoke mass in Duruelo.

Lived without a father, leaving him penniless. Taught him to be compassionate and he spent his life sharing his experience of God’s love.

Was a poet that wrote most of his work in prison. Here are three examples

  • Ascent of the Mount Camel

  • Dark Night of the Soul

  • A Spiritual Canticle of the Soul and the Bridegroom Christ

Little is known about this author’s patrons.


Humanism; importance of education

Secularism; focus on the religious side of the world.

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The Dark Soul

Created in 1578

Its quotes about God are used throughout the world

It is about the Creator purifying the soul.

It is an intense way, in two books, to show the difficulties and hardships the soul must endure to meet its creator. The words are a little hard to understand, as it was translated from Spanish. From the excerpt I read, these books are an interesting read.

I find this piece interesting because it is such a dark and intense piece of writing, the polar opposite of what you would expect from a Saint.

The "ism" I connect with this is Secularism because it focuses on religion.

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