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By the time most companies put their fleet and fuel need out for bid, the bid has usually been written to specs created by a competitor. What if you could find the client at the moment they need you most just as the crisis is happening?

Video News can watch the news on all 210 local TV and Radio broadcast markets, social media coverage (including Facebook and Twitter), and most national television networks.

If there's a fuel crisis , theft, mismanagement , pipeline leaks, and the story makes the news you'll know about.

As your source for researched sales intelligence, Video News will send you a customized report with stories relating to your potential clients.

You'll be able to watch the video, and gain valuable information about your potential client before they get into the bidding process.

Then you can write the bid to fit their needs because you came to them when they needed you most.

We even offer "traditional" print coverage to include pdfs of your newspaper and magazine articles.

In addition to daily emails sent right to your inbox, all content lives online in your very own digital newsroom giving you access to the discussion about your company wherever you are. Contact us now to see a customized demo dmosk@videonews.org

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