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Stylist training events taking place all over the country!

Manchester event

BRINGING HOOPLA HOME If you didn't make the real thing then NOW is your chance to get a year's worth of training in just a few hours! This is a MUST for New Stylists and TOTES ESSENTIAL if you are already a Stylist and you want to make the most of our busiest quarter of the year Sept-Dec.

Come and breathe NEW LIFE back in to your business. Training is just £20 and you will each receive a piece from the new autumn collection !!! Venue: Hilton, Deansgate, Manchester.

9:30am - 10:00am: Registration + Coffee

10:00am - 12:00pm: Training Session

12:00pm - 1:00pm: MSD -- Invite your prospective stylist or a friend along to view the new collection

1:30pm - 2:00pm: Qualifiers Reception (Sell 500PQV between 1st July and 14th July - TODAY) and join us for champers.

YOU MUST BOOK ON HERE Eventbrite: http://manchesterautumnrally.eventbrite.co.uk

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St Albans

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Step one: Send out a warm up email

Hi Helen

Our new collection is out on 18th July and wondered if you fancied a Girls Night in - little glass of something and some free fun Stella & Dot styling?

There are some things in the new collection I think you will love - especially our grey suede three -way handbag - and our silver Northern Lights collection would love great on you. Our hostesses get £75 of free jewellery on average - and the chance to shop at 40% discount, which is also handy!

I'll give you a quick bell tomorrow to see what you think?


Mhari x

Step two: Follow up with a phone call the next day

Hi it's Mhari here from Stella & Dot Jewellery. Hope you got my email ok yesterday? I just wondered whether you fancied getting a few friends together this summer for a Stella & Dot style night? It's great fun, really simple and I can help you organise?

Yes (great - suggest some dates)

No (okies no worries, well our new collection is out on July 18th and there are some new pieces I think you'll love, so if you do get chance hop on over to my website and take a look).

And...if you do know anyone that would like FREE jewellery and to shop at 40% discount by hosting a trunkshow, will you pass on my details. Thanks so much.

Great speak to you soon I hope! Bye xxxx

Step three: Remember a future date in the diary is better than nothing

So your potential hostess says she's way too busy at the moment.

You say:

"Cool, no worries I understand, well how about we pencil in a date for September or October when things are less hectic? We can always change the date if we have to...but I find that if we have something pencilled in now...it's great way to get friends together with a bit more notice ...plus you can mention the date to people over the summer and then they can save the date, ready for the Autumn invite."