Eradication and Elimination of Mass, Density, Time, and Prima Materia of Bodies and the Restoration of the Fullness of Space of Bodies


Saturday, October 19~ 2:00-5:30pm

Encore! This impromptu class just got created and is the 2nd time around for this body process class!
If you missed it the first time now is your chance to experience this yummy, nurturing process! It does create more space, less density and a greater ease in being in a body!
We will be doing verbal clearings in the class during the process!

This undoes the lie that the body is based on any particular physical molecule
rather than consciousness itself.

If I were to define it I would say it is like inner spacial transmutation!
This process has a very magical expansive quality about it! Unlike any of the others I've experienced thus far. As the description says... that the body is based on consciousness itself.
I look forward to receiving it more and seeing what else occurs in my awareness?
That being said...come and experience it for yourself!
See what you and your body knows?

A dynamic process to open you to a greater level of receiving!
Would this be a contribution to you?

What else is possible?

Class Location:
Carlson Lions Cabin
301 Yelm Ave. W
Yelm, Wa. 98597

Investment in you:

Truely, what Energy, Space, and Consciousness is the Body capable of Being?
What Energies can we Transmute and Be?
What are the Infinite Possibilities for us to step into beyond this reality?
Will you choose it?

Please reply to me if you are interested in attending :)

With ease, joy, and glory!