The Bad King

Ryan Bareis

A fairy tale by:Ryan Bareis

The Bad King

Once upon a time, in a place far, far away and up in the clouds there was a kingdom, there lived four brothers. They always got along with eachother and never fought, but one day when they were walking through the forest the oldest brother named Steve magically made a baseball bat so he could hit some pine cones. When started hitting them his brother walked in the way and got hit in the face! He started crying and ran to their dad who was the king and he said that Steve hit him in the face with a baseball bat. The dad got extremely mad and grounded Steve for a whole year! Steve was outraged and planned how to get revenge! He decided he would poison his father. That night while his father was drinking his juice Steve put a whole jar of poison in it! His father drank some and then started freaking out! He laid on the ground and died.

The whole town was scared and didn't know what to do without a king. But then just decided to put the oldest son in charge, Steve. Steve started out as a good king to everyone he talked too. But hated his brothers. He was the worst brother you could ever imagine, but his three other brothers could use magic, but not as well, they had no choice, but to live with him. They couldn't leave or else he would kill them. The three brothers were making a plan to turn the whole kingdom against him. They would have to some how record him beating them for no reason or preach about how bad he was.

That night one brother was eating chips on the couch, and didn't pick up his crumbs. When Steve found the chip crumbs, he went to get his whip, and came back and starting whipping the brother while the other two were around the corner recording this. Steve kept doing this until he thought his arm was going to fall off, but that was enough recording for the village. When the brother was sleeping that night and put the recordings on everyone's tv's that started a riot and they started chanting, "Kill the king, kill the king, kill the king!"

The king woke with a start to see the whole village in his room with swords and pick forks. They put chains around his arms and legs and carried him down to the deepest dungeon where no magic could be made for the rest of time. For the the next ten years he thought about he realized he shouldn't of let power take him over, he realized if you did bad things only bad will come out of it.