Roman Empire

By: Taryn Sutton


I am doing the Roman Empire. The first topic that I am doing is the Roman Empire and I learned that the Roman Empire was very famous and when people enter they did not want anyone to come in but when part of it fell new tribes started to enter. The second topic I am doing is the Roman Republic and I learned that Tarquin was very bad and did very bad things to the Roman Empire, once a king and now a bad person because he sent people to death to try to regain his power by being king again. The third topic I am doing is Rome, the city of the Seven Hills and I learned that all the Seven Hills became a city.

The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire was ruled by kings and nobody could enter or come to the Empire. Later in 476 in the 5th century the Byzantine Empires Western part fell down and soon after that happen new tribes started to come in and started new kingdoms such as the Germanic tribes, then more and more tribes started to enter and was obeying the laws and the Government.

The Roman Republic

Tarquin was a king but something happened and soon he tried to regain his power 4 times the first time he took tow brutes from a father (father was ideal of duty) and when the father figured out hid 2 sons were helping Tarquin try to regain his power he put death to both of his sons. The second time he found 2 Etruscans men, Veii and Tarquinii and told them to march on Rome to force restoration and soon the brutes fought back and the Romans won the fight and then the Etruscans were expelled and then the city came republic. The third time Tarquin tried to regain his power he got Lars Porsena a prince of Etruscan seised high temps across the tiber but Horatius saved the city. The fourth time he got his son in laws (the chief of Latins) named Castor and Pollux (twins) and were in the battle and after the battle, Tarquin lost he quite trying to regain his power.

Rome, the city of the Seven Hills

On a Italian Peninsula a small river called Tiber. The Sabines lived on the west side of the Tiber. On the left side of the Tiber were seven low hills which Merchant built a village on the Palatine hill who trades with the Etruscan on the North side of the Tiber, soon the hills were put together to make a city, Rome.


I learned that the Roman Empire was very very popular, everyone wanted to rule the Roman Empire and become kings. I learned how about the Seven Hills and how it made a city (Rome). I learned that people were bad to try and get what they wanted. I learned a lot of the Etruscans and other tribes and what they did and how they reacted to each other, if they fought or not.


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