Team Lang Newsletter

April 2015

A Little Note From Me...

Well wasn't THAT a fun month!? It was so great to see so many of you benefit from the great Spring Flash Sale! It is the evidence that your customers love and appreciate you as they eagerly shopped and supported you with their purchases! Way to go! It would be great to follow up with a "thank you" to each person that placed an order during the sale...keep the relationship going!

I also wanted to let you know how proud I was to be the leader of a team that kept such a positive attitude when glitches came up with the system during the sale. There were many consultants from other teams sending out negativity...but you handled it all with such grace and class! Thank you for that! I am truly blessed to be your director!



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Welcome to Team Lang in March



  • Entire Downline Sales = $12,247.72
  • Active Consultants = 25
  • Number of Parties = 17 & Flash Sale

This time last year

  • Entire Downline Sales = $13,284
  • Active Consultants = 7
  • Number of Parties = 18


Level 1

Sarah Cress

Level 2

Laura Bristle

Michele Vorwerk

Robin Line

Level 3

Jenny Hanna

Katie Peterson

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Personal Volume = $3,059.67

Parties = 5

Recruit = 1

My commission alone = $764.92

My entire paycheck because I chose leadership = $1,040.56

I'd LOVE to talk about what leadership can do for you!!

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Summer Pre-Sale

Shop our Summer Pre-Sale from May 11-17 to get your hands on these 2 new styles that will be customer and hostesses specials in June and July - the All in Tote & the Canvas Crew Mini Thermal! Get both for only $35!
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National Conference!!

Have you signed up for National Conference - Denver yet?! You don't want to miss this AMAZING opportunity to get some first hand training, earn FREE Fall/Winter products, and have a super fun girls' weekend!

If you are interested in learning a little bit more about National Conference, and meeting some of the other ladies that are going, we are having a fiesta at Acapulco's in Maplewood - May 12th at 6:00 p.m.! Come for some chips & salsa and margaritas! It will be a blast! RSVP to Melissa if you are planning on coming!


You are your own brand! Are you carrying the products? Are you a positive and fun person to be around? Do you talk about your love for the products? Are you approachable? Are you prepared with mini catalogs for those on the spot conversations? You are the brand of your business - be open for business...and be someone that people want to do business with!


May 1-18: Register to attend the Fall Product Premiere. I will be hosting in Eagan, MN and would love to see you there! Think of a possible recruit - you can bring them with to see what Thirty-One is all about!

May 1: First day of the Large Utility Tote customer special - and the Style Setter is available as an additional Hostess Exclusive item.

May 1-31: National Conference registration continues

May 11-17: Order Summer Pre-sale items for only $35!

May 12: National Conference Hang Out - Acapulco's in Maplewood @ 6:00 p.m.


Please let me know how I can best support you! I'm here to encourage you, celebrate you, and offer any training that you may need...just let me know!