Getting a Visa in Nigeria



For all those interested in traveling to Nigeria, obtaining a Nigeria Visa is an important consideration. There are lots of states that may be used for traveling purposes. Those wanting to visit the nation must first obtain a Visa from the Department of Immigration and then submit it for processing to the correct jurisdiction. Visitors that are from visa free countries shouldn't obtain a visa.

Generally, foreigners who aren't in the nation for six months or less are qualified for a visa. But, all visitors must hold a valid passport valid for six months from the date of program. Those holding passports from Visa Waiver nations such as United States of America have been required to obtain a visa in the Department of Immigration prior to their death. The process is often quite straightforward and requires less than five minutes.

The practice of obtaining a Visa for seeing the country is quite straightforward. For example, when applying for a visa, foreigners should have a copy of their passports. There can also be certain conditions which will have to be fulfilled in order to receive a Visa.

After submitting all of the basic requirements, applicants may anticipate their application to be reviewed within about a week. Those applying are expected to supply their advice so as to expedite the application. Upon approval of the program, the individual will receive their visa within five days. When the Visa has been issued, the individual will need to make an application for a residence permit before their actual entrance into the country.

When the Visa is issued, there are a few elements which can help determine the amount of time the visa holder has to invest in the nation. When the Visa holder intends on traveling abroad after having applied for a residence permit, there is a requirement he or she is going to be asked to leave the nation at least fourteen days before their planned departure date. This condition applies even if the individual isn't intending to leave the country and doesn't plan to travel abroad. People who intend to travel abroad should consider postponing their visa application until there's still ample time accessible. The delay will allow the applicant time to research the many different options of traveling to the nation.

Along with visa requirements, it's likely to acquire an worldwide Passport, which also serves as a valid form of identification and proof of identity whilst staying in the nation. Although it's also possible to obtain a Temporary Residence permit, most foreigners don't. Be able to get a permanent residency. It is crucial to apply for a Residence permit within the first year of your intended stay to ensure you have a long-term stay in the nation. For those wanting to become qualified for a permanent residency, then they should also put in an application for a Permanent Residence card before leaving.