For Sale- New house built

Asking Price £500,000

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For Sale Now £500,000

Vital Information

This family house has four bedrooms. In the garden there is a luxurious swimming pool, perfect for hot days. It is a very modern house which all of the family will love. The build has only just been finished. The asking price is £500,000. The house is based in the lovely historic town Petersfield. It is a 10 minute walk from the square where all of the shops are. There is a hospital in the town so that is ideal. There are two supermarkets in the town Waitrose and Marks & Spencers. The house is back off the main road so it is a quite place to live as it is down a country lane leading to two other houses. The garden is very large and enough room for all of your garden needs.

I hope you like the house to make an offer if you would like to the information you need is below.


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