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November Community Newsletter

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Gooch Vision and Mission

Mission: To Create a community that develops scholars with the knowledge, values and vision to become college and career bound.

Vision: To provide high quality instruction, increase student academic achievement, and develop our students holistically.

WT White Feeder Pattern Mission

We will cultivate a premier learning community to foster globally responsive citizens, personalizing instruction for every student.

Therefore, we are committed to:

  • Providing access to an equitable and high quality education

  • Promoting citizens who contribute to the common good

  • Supporting our students academically, socially, and emotionally

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Principal's Corner with our Principal for a Day, Meghan Dours of the American Heart Association

Wonderful students and teachers of Tom C. Gooch Elementary,

What an incredible experience! Thank you all for generously hosting me at your beautiful school. Each person I met was kind, polite, and so very welcoming. I have been having a hard time deciding my favorite part of being your Principal for the Day. The whole day was full of incredible moments!

Perhaps the warm welcome from students in each classroom and as we walked through the hallway. Greeting guests with a smile and handshake is such a wonderful way to make them feel comfortable – keep up the great work!

Sitting in on classes was also a favorite: the wonderful teachers even taught me things about math and science I didn’t already know! The day would not have been the same without seeing each person’s smiling face and hand waving excitedly in the air. It is obvious students at Tom C. Gooch care deeply about learning and want to be an active part in their education – I hope you feel very proud of yourselves.

Did you know I am a mom? My daughter has attended many different types of schools around Dallas/ Fort Worth, so I’ve seen quite a few styles in action. Your school is everything I would want for my own daughter: a focus on college readiness, a principal and teachers who care deeply about their students and staff, dual language, and creative and well-thought-out lessons.

It was a privilege and an honor to join you for the day – thank you for showing your excitement and passion for learning! I hope to join the Tom C. Gooch family again one day.

With Heart,

Meghan Dours, American Heart Association

5th Year of Saturday Tutoring and Mentoring

We are now beginning our 5th year of the immensely successful Saturday Tutoring and Mentoring at Gooch, with our fantastic high school mentors from St. Marks, Hockaday, and Greenhill. Our 2nd-5th grade scholars who may need a little extra support are matched with a mentor and meet every Saturday from 9-12 for the school year. In the past four years we have had 154 mentors and 171 scholars in the program, and the results have been amazing. Here's to many more successful years.

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Gooch is Going Places

We are thrilled to announce our 4th straight year of increasing enrollment. So far this year we have 425 scholars, a 68% increase in enrollment since 2014. Many thanks to all the members of this community who have made this possible, our amazing faculty, parents, scholars and community partners.

What's been happening at Gooch

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5th Grade did a great job performing their play at October's student performance.

WT White Homecoming Parade, Big Thanks to PTSA for Sponsoring the float and amazing face painting!

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Doing Math at Home from the November Parent Workshop

We had a great parent workshop this month from Claudia Flores and Elizabeth Brewster of Pioneer Bank, with great games to play at home with your children to improve their math skills, and excellent budgeting tips. With a simple pack of cards with the picture cards and number 10 removed, and you agree that the Ace stands for the number 1, you can play many engaging games that help children get better at math without them even knowing that they are practicing! Here are a couple of the most popular from the workshop:

Biggest Number: Number Sense (PK-1st)
The aim of this game is to build the largest number possible. For the youngest children, start with making two-digit numbers (10-99), then move up to three-digit (100-999) and four digit (1000-9999) numbers. You draw a place value frame like the one above. You begin by dealing each player a card, and each of you chooses with column (place value) to put the card into. Repeat for the number of digits you are playing with. The winner is the one who has the highest number. Once they have mastered two places, add a third and then a fourth.

Addition Card Game: K-5th, Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication

To play, each player simply lays down the top card from their hand. The first person to correctly add the two numbers gets to keep both cards and lay them aside! (The younger your child, the slower you should add to give them practice for their addition facts). The person who finishes with most cards wins. For older children you can also play this as a subtraction card game, where the first person to subtract the smaller number from the larger number wins. And once they have mastered addition and subtraction, then play it as a multiplication game, where the first one to correctly multiply the two numbers wins the cards.

To make the game easier, just add in extra small number cards like 1 and 2 so that more simple addition or subtraction problems will show up.

Upcoming Events - it's a busy month at Gooch!

November 1st @ 9:00 a.m. AVANCE scholar College and Career Day Parade around Gooch. Please have your scholars line up along the hallway walls to cheer on our future Gooch Gators as they show off their future careers.

November 3rd @ 8:30 am Coffee with the Principal

November 3rd @ 9:00 am Parent Workshop sponsored by PTSA: Talking Math and Financial Literacy, Elizabeth Brewster and Claudia Flores, Pioneer Bank

November 6th @ 11:40 to 1:20 4th & 5th graders go to Hockaday for Dance Performance

November 7th @ 9-11 Bishop Arts Readers Theatre

November 7th @ 11:00-12:30 Kinder: Plant Detectives

November 7th @ 4:30pm PTSA special elections

November 7th @5:00-6:00, Evening Repeat of Parent Workshop sponsored by PTSA: Talking Math and Financial Literacy, Elizabeth Brewster and Claudia Flores, Pioneer Bank

November 9th @ 9:00-9:30 Career Day Live

November 9th @ 5-7pm, STEM night hosted at W.T. White

November 14th @ 4-5pm, Gooch SBDM in the Library

November 15th, PTSA is sponsoring Thanksgiving Lunch with your Scholar at school. PTSA will provide a light lunch, come during your scholar's lunchtime and eat with them.

November 16th, it's Open House at Marsh Middle School for 5th graders - come and see the amazing things that are in store for the next big step

November 17th @ 9.30, Toddler story time in the Library - all community little kids welcome for a story and a craft

November 20-24th, it's Thanksgiving Break - Happy Thanksgiving All

November 29th @ 5.45pm, PTSA General Meeting in the Auditorium

November 29th @ 6.00pm, 4th grade is putting on a Seasonal Musical Extravaganza! All welcome