Top Ten Tips

For Changing Your Career

Considering a Change: Exploring your options

1. Use a self assessment

If you are planning on changing your career but you don't really know what you want to do or what you would be good at you can take some quizzes online to see what careers may fit your personality or skills. This will give you ideas of what job you may like.

2. Be Authentic

Try to switch to a career you really want to do so you won't have to continuously switch jobs.

3. Do a reality check

Make sure this is a change you really want to take because some employers may not re-hire you if you decide you want your job back.

4. Make connections and gain experience

You can do things like volunteering, doing an internship, etc. to see if you really like the job before making the change.

Making the Change: Burning no bridges

5. Give your two weeks notice

Instead of just not showing up or suddenly quitting your current job, give a two weeks notice.

6. Let it go

Forget any reasons that may be holding you back from changing your career.

7. Make sure you aren't switching careers just because a friend is doing well in it

Just because one of your friends is succeeding doesn't mean you will have the same success. You may regret changing your job.

8. Don't expect the change to happen over night

A thourough career test change will take about six months to a year or more. Plus, when you first get a new job you may not start off in the position you want right away.