The Anander Corral

Week of February 1st - 5th, 2016

Our Cowhand This Week!

Is Jacob Aksamit! Jacob may bring a show and tell item this Friday!

He loves this picture!

Here is what we are learning this week....

Spelling and Phonics Pattern: ou and ow pattern ELACC1RF2AD, ELACC1RF3A-F – Applies Phonics and words analysis dkills to decode unfamiliar words

Grammar: Pronouns

ELACC1L1 b-f, i

Identifies and uses parts of speech

Math: Adding two digit numbers


-add within 50

-add a two-digit number and a one-digit

Social Studies: Valentine Theme/ Presidents

Dear Parents,

We are excited about our in house field trip opportunity. Please send in the $5.00 as soon as possible. The field trip is this Thursday the 4th.

Don’t forget to make your Valentine box. See the letter in Monday's Green Folder!