The Salt March

Grayson Bass


In the early 20th century, India was put under the foot of British rule. The most significant of the rule being the heavy salt tax. India's citizens weren't allowed to buy or sell salt, but were rather forced to buy it from the British Government. This was a problem because salt was a staple in India's diet.

The Salt March

Ghandi and his supporters had had enough, so him and a couple dozen of his followers et on a 240 mile trek from his religious retreat to the coastal town of Dandi. When they got there they made salt from saltwater, ultimately boycotting the salt tax. The march gave the country of India freedom in the years to follow, making it a successful event. Ghana could've been slightly more influential with the addition of many more people, becausee the only setback of the disobedience was the lack of support and numbers. I agree with this because it shows that people can make a difference if they work together.

Self Reliance

I can practice self reliance in my life by paying for my hobbies and entertainment, by teaching myself new things from previous experiences and lastly by solving critical problems on my own.