Research by:Briajah Alston

Gegraphical Features(population,biome,continent,coordinates,area of land)

This paragraph is about landmarks and geographical features of France. The continent of France is Europe.The coordinates of France is 46° 00' N and 2° 00' E.The area of land is 15,771 feet (4,807 meters) and spreads across the border of France and Italy in the French Alps.The population is about 63,853,000 since 2012.The biome is relatively low-lying plains, plateaus, and older mountain blocks, or massifs.

Little Know fact/or facts that nobody even knew about

The old time French mascot was the typical rooster.But Napoleon didn't think the rooster was manly enough so he changed it to the eagle.

Typical Wildlife

The typical wildlife I researched is the Chamios.The Chaamios adapts to mountains and have good climbing abilities which is great for the biome of France.They usualy live up to 15-16 years.Thsi happens becuase the teeth wears down so much to where they cant feed effectivly,which causes starvation.


The goverment is the french republic.


The money they use in France are called Euro.

Extra Info

Yo-Yo ma was born in France then because of his talent his family moved to new york city were he was the youngest to go to the jullian arts.The french government gives medals to citizens who have successfully raised several children with dignity.

Capital and tourist destination

The capital of France is Paris.Which most people know.The tourist destination is of course the Eiffel tower


In conclusin this is my research for France.All my information came from sites.
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