Sports in the 1930's: Ken Strong

By: Bethany Leander

A Bit about Jem

In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, Jem is a 10 year old boy and later turns into a young man. Throughout the whole book, Jem always, no matter what loves football. In the novel Jem reads football magazines, and gets to be the waterboy for the school team. The coach tells Jem if he gains some weight, he could be part of the team. Over all, Jems character is always interested in football.

Ken Stong

Above I mentioned how Jem read football magazines. Well, at the time this novel was written, a popular football player who might have been in Jems football magazine, could've been Ken Strong.

Ken Strong was an amazing athlete! Strong played in the NFL for a total of fourteen years and played with Staten Island in 1929, and three years later in 1932, Strong signed with his dream team, the New York Giants. Many were surprised that Strong didn't ordinarily sign with the Giants since he went to NYU for college. Strong could practically do anything. He could run, pass, block, catch passes, punt, and play defense. He was unstoppable! Strongs big break was in 1934 at the National Football League Championship Game. Strong made 17 points, 2 touchdowns, 2 extra points and a field goal! He lead the Giants into winning the Game 30-13 against the Chicago Bears. Later on in 1936, Strong went to the AFL. There he played two seasons, and after those two seasons, the Giants welcomed him back on the team. In 1939, Strong decided it was time to retire from his football career, but that didn't last too long. Five years later in 1944, Strong became the Giants kicking specialist. Strong had a long lasting football career and was named an Hall of Famer in the NFL. (Hall of Famers)

Football Overall

Football in the 1930s was very popular. Many men and young boys kept up with this sport in many ways. One way was football magazines, the radio, or the local paper. Jem kept up with the sport with football magazines which he enjoys. This is how these two subjects are alike.