Technology Tidbits and Training

Instructional Resource Technology Newsletter Issue 2

Virginia Technology Standards

One technology standard that all grade levels share is using the correct terminology. Sequencing as used in technology is basically the same as what you've been teaching in class. It is logical way to do something using the correct order of steps. Some examples of ways you teach this now is through story sequencing and math order of operations. Use these examples in the classroom to introduce this technology standard and to help them understand this concept in coding or programming.

Spotlight App!


Flipgrid is a free video discussion platform for educators and students.

As the educator, you are the topic designer. You can add resources and attachments. Use for back-to-school intros, book-talks, reflections, Q&As, showcase STEAM ideas, etc. Training opportunity available below. Complete the course to receive a re-certification point.

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New Twist on a Well Known App

Many of you have used Kahoot!. Have you ever thought of letting the students make them? Assign the students a standard and have them create a short kahoot individually or in groups. Join multiple to make a class assessment or an activity for review. Kahoots can be made on most devices.

Here’s a reminder of the instructions from Kahoot! on how to create a game:

1. Open the Kahoot! app or go to the website and tap Create in the navigation bar.
2. Add a title, description and cover image. You can use an image from your camera roll, upload an image or snap a new one as you’re creating!
3. Choose if you want to keep this kahoot private or make it visible to everyone.
4. Click Ok, Go or Tap Add question. Add the question and answer options. Toggle correct and incorrect answers. Change time limit to fit question type.
5. Remember to add images and videos! Check progress against our Question checklist – it’ll hint if something is missing.
6. Check progress against our overall Kahoot checklist – it’ll help you with all the ingredients of a perfect kahoot.
7. Tap Done – and it’s ready!

To host your game live or send it as a challenge, you need to log in. Directions will vary slightly depending on the device used to create the kahoot. Get more instructions or watch video tutorials by clicking on the link.

Google Tip

When you present in Google Slides, turn on automatic captions to display the speaker's words in real time at the bottom of the screen. This feature can be used for accessibility and for teaching students voice speed and articulation.

*Click the CC button in the lower left corner or press the Ctrl or CMD + Shift + C shortcut to enable closed captioning.