Helpful Resources

DED 318

Surf Net Kids

Surf Net Kids has tons of games and activities for every topic.


Do Ink

Do Ink is an app you can download that lets you create drawings and animations. I would use this for my busy, creative students who need something to do during indoor recess.

More information HERE

Create Animations on the iPad with DoInk Animation & Drawing App and Wacom Bamboo Stylus

Story Bird

I would use Story Bird for reviewing information. After discussing a topic I would have groups create a story about it to share with classmates.

You can find the website HERE

Super Storytelling with StoryBird

360 Cities

I think this app would be so fun when you are discussing community and the world with your students.

More information HERE

Big Huge Thesaurus

Take a look HERE

Simple website but totally easy to use, especially for younger students. Would be great for when you are having them write papers.

Paper Rater

I would use paper rater if I was teaching upper level classes because its an easy way to see if they copied anything on their essays.

You can use it HERE

What to Do in Just a Few: Paper Rater


have used prezi all the time in my classes for college, but I would have my students use it too for presentations. I think its a lot easier then power point.

Make your own HERE

Prezi in 2013 Tutorial


I would be careful with tumblr because it is very public, but I would use it to have students post things about a research topic. Videos, text, pictures, and whatever else they can find. You can create your own HERE

Pie Color

Pie color lets student create pie charts. Love this! I would use it myself and post for review or bell ringer questions.

More information HERE


Weebly is something I'll use as a teacher to create a website for my parents and other educators to read. Its free and easy to use. They have apps for your ipad and phone now which is a plus for blogging something real quick when its on your mind.

Sign up HERE

Weebly 2013 - Introduction tutorial to Create a Free Website


Meograph is a good way to create videos and include all your videos, text, pictures, and narrations in one place. Its easy for students to use, and I have personally used it for class assignments myself.

Visit the website HERE


I love thinglink as a get to know you sort of thing for the classroom. We could use it to get familiar with ipads, computers, and using the internet safely!

You can play around and make your own HERE!

Word Clouds

Word clouds are a way you can take tons of vocabulary words or any other describing words you are using. You can have students think of describing words for fall and have them create a word cloud to show everyone. This is an easy fun way to put all of the things we are learning in one area.

One word cloud website can be found HERE