The Pygmy Marmoset

The Extinct Species on the road to Resurrection

The Pygmy Marmoset Information

This species is native to the Amazon Rain Forest in Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil. As an adult it can grow up to wiegh only 4- 5 oz (110 grams to 140 grams) and be up to 6 inches (15cm) long . They have sharp claws and teeth as protection yet are relatively docile. Often called " Finger Monkeys" due to thier small size. These small creatures can jump more than 16 feet or 5 meters! They drink sap and eat gum from trees, but thier diet also includes eating grasshoppers and other insects. The small primates curiously travel like squirrels. They are able to communicate by making high pitched clicks, squeaks, whistles and trills. Females can give bith to 2 and sometimes 3 babies at a time.

This Small Creature Cannot Fight Back


Unfortunately they are a favorite in the exotic pet trade.The major threat though is habitat destruction usually by humans, cutting down trees for farms paper mills, and mining. The pygmy marmoset is a highly visible and charasmatic species representing some of the world's most threatened rainforest ecosystems. These tiny creatures can and should be used as leverage to protect the vast expanses of quickly vanishing forests in which they reside.