The annexation of Texas

Do you want to be state or a nation

President Sam Houstan is for it!

Sam Houstan has set up a treaty called The Treaty of 1844. We will not be a nation anymore nor will we become a state. We will be territory if we get 2/3 of the vote, but it must go through the senate.

Texan Emotions

Some Texans don't want to annex because they want to be a state not a territory. Others like the idea because of very simple reasons; such as the U.S. would pay off our debt, protect us with the U.S. Army, provide a mail system and we would be able to use the U.S. monetary system.

Treaty Failed!

The treaty failed by ONE missed vote. It was 2/3 majority vote and we missed by one. The U.S. reasons for not wanting us was because we were a slave state, we would tip the balance of power in congress, might make Mexico mad and they did not want to pay our debt.

Joint Resolution in U.S. Congresss Febuary 26 1845

A year has passed since the last time we tried to annex Texas. Now Sam Houstan has orderes a joint resolution which is a simple majority. We will now be excepted as state not a territory.

We passed!!! December 29, 1845

Texas has been annexed with an overwhelmingly pass. We have become the 28th state of the U.S.A..