Principal Update

Arcola, 4/27/20


Good morning Arcola Families,

This is the last week in April and you are doing a terrific job! I am sure this feels like a long haul as you navigate your own families, jobs, lives and your children. This is hard work and tough times so know you are handling it like a pro- even if it does not feel that way at times. We are working to build bridges and connections with you so that you know you are not alone.

Goal #1- stay healthy and strong

Goal# 2- feed your body and soul, rest and eat

Goal #3 keep it all in perspective, trust the process and know it will all be ok

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or need help, we are here for you.

Take care and be safe,

Dr. M


1) Students must sign-in by 12 each day for attendance

2) Use Google classroom for all assignments, feedback and progress from teachers

3) Students need to check their emails daily; Google classroom will send updates, new posts and announcements that go directly to student emails

4) Need help on technology or tools? Check out:

Virtual Learning FAQ's

This is a list view of frequently asked questions regarding accessing the student intranet page and Google Classroom. There are additional links housed here for specific tutorials if you need more assistance.

Helpful Online Resources and Tutuorials

This is an extensive list of resources and sites that your student may be asked to access in order to complete work. There are links for tutorials that you can view and other instructions for using these resources.

5) Spring Portrait Information from Lifetouch:

Call National Call Center 1-800-736-4763 and request Student portrait ID and Access code to go on-line and order -


Email - and request student portrait ID and Access code, and order them on

5) When in doubt, just reach out!


This is the time of year where we start planning for the next school year for our students, grade 6 to 7 and 7 to 8. Our goal is to ensure that students are ready for the next step in their school career. Even though this is an unusual set of circumstances now, we will work with you to identify a path that meets your child's needs moving forward, just like always!

1) During each marking period we have been monitoring student progress. Students who have failed a course during any marking period and who are potentially at risk for failing any subject area for the school year, will be notified by the school counselors. There are summer school courses in our core subjects via on-line summer school. It is important that we work to try and close any gaps in the core content courses (English, Reading, Science and Social Studies).

2) Due to our abbreviated time in the buildings this year (2019-2020 school year), we have made a few adjustments to the Honors rubrics. With a few exceptions, the majority of assessments used to determine placement into 7th & 8th grade Honors courses had already been given and graded by March 11. In some instances, only two of the planned three assessments were administered. These are noted within the rubric. In these cases, it was not necessary to make any adjustments to overall points. The CDTs for science from grade 7 to 8 were not yet given, and as a result, were removed from this rubric. The overall number of points was adjusted to reflect this change. The other main adjustment is seen in 6th graders moving into 7th grade Honors math, as we did not have an opportunity to provide a second round of testing. This resulted in an adjustment to the points needed for placement into Honors Algebra or Honors Pre-Algebra. These updated points are reflected in the rubric.

Click here for the Arcola Honors Rubrics.

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