All About Me

Melissa Poetzel

Hobbies, Activites, School subject strengths, and Values.

My hobbies are softball,volleyball,and music. My school strengths are science and social studies. My values are feeling important, being a leader, and making changes.


I picked my dream job to be chef. The salary is 24,530 a year. The education I need is culinary arts and food service education.

The 3 ways i am smart

People smart, Music smart, and self smart.

Holland Code

My Holland codes are social, enterprising, and artistic.

My strengths as a student

My strengths as a student are listening and taking notes.

My learning styles

My general learning style is seeing words written. My math learning style is seeing it written down. My social learning style is learning by myself. For my general I am 45.5% , 36.4% for hearing, and 18.2% for doing. In math I am 100% for seeing problems. In social learning I am 58% for doing it by myself and 42% for doing it with others.

Career Clusters

My three career clusters are finance, human services, and law, public safety, corrections, and security.