Goddess of War

Who is Athena?

Athena is the daughter of Zeus, and the daughter of Metis. She came from Zeus because he didn't want to have a son that would overthrow him from being the leader. She showed up armed and strong (like Zeus), but also wise and noble (like Metis). She is associated with Shipbuilding and domestic crafts, such as wool work, and spinning.

Important Facts About Athena

Her symbols are the Owl and the Aigis (a skin of a sacrificial goat). She was fighting her uncle to claim a favorite city, so her gift to them was an olive tree. This gave the town Oil, food, wood, and more resources than what her Uncle gave them, so they granted her the town. She called it Athens. She also helped many other gods/goddesses with their war quests, since she was the goddess of war.

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