Presidents of the U.S.A

Presidents contribute to our country's succes and freedom

President of the U.S.A

Andrew Jackson,Woodrow Wilson and Nixon Richard Milhos all contributed to our country's success,freedom and foundation.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson contributed to, our country's success,freedom and foundations by being the only president to see the national debt paid off.Jackson was also the 7th president. He became president in 1829and was president for 8 years.He born on March15th 1767 he died June 8th 1845 his nickname was old Hickory because of his toughness .Several states wanted to take overland that belonged to American Indian tribes Jackson tried to stop the states. Andrew Jackson was on the twenty Dollar bill

Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson contributed to our country's succes freedom and foundations by working to improve the banking systems.Wilson also led the United States during World War1.In 1919 he was awarded the system nobel peace prize for starting the league of nations.After the war,Wilson worked on the peace treaty and help start the league of nations.Wilson called war against Germany in 1917.As a president,Wilson worked to improve banking system's.

Richard Milhos Nixon

Nixon contributed to our country's succes freedom and foundations by trying to end the war against Vietnam. Nixon also ended the military draft and created the all volunteer system for the U.S army. Nixon became the 37th president of the U.S in 1969.He made important agreements with China and Sovient Union.Nixon was also the vice president before he became president.Nixon was the first president to visit China while in office.

Presidents of the U.S.A

In conclusion,Andrew Jackson,Woodrow Wilson,and Nixon were all president of the United states and they contributed to our country's success,freedom and foundations.