Michael Hanna

Media and what it means

Media is a system of communicating to the world in a collective way. A lot of people want to voice their opinions, present facts or promote products. These reasons are an advantageous way of improving who you are and what you stand for. Creating a social media account is an efficient backbone to whatever your reason is. Watching the news is a great way to find out what’s going on in your community and finding ways to improve it. The weather lets you know what to wear so you can prepare for any inconvenience. Each media site has a primary reason for existence. Facebook for example, is a great way to find family members and link up with old high school friends. Twitter, however, was made for sending a message to your followers in 140 characters or less. YouTube is a media source for promotion and information. Most people who have a social media account use it to better themselves but others, however, use it in a negative way. Some people post things that can ruin their reputation, career, or even relationship. There are a lot of inappropriate things posted on media every day and most people get in trouble for it because of one reason; it’s an electronic tattoo. Whatever you post will stay in the sites history and can be found instantly with a click of a few buttons. For example, comedian Gilbert Gottfried, the Aflac commercial guy, has recently been fired for his comical posts about Japan’s tsunami. He deleted the really immoral posts before he thought anyone could read them. Media is a great source of information for what’s going on in our world and it’s very important to stay connected but at the same time remember everything is permanent and never gets deleted.

2015 Hyundai Genesis | Big Game Ad | "Dad's Sixth Sense"

Superbowl Precis

Hyundai, in their commercial, Genesis, stresses that parents must do whatever it takes to keep their child safe and injury free. Hyundai supports their emphasis on the parent’s duty to keep children safe by the dad repeatedly saving his child as he matures into a teenager. The company’s purpose for this commercial is to show how the Hyundai Genesis can save your child by the technologically advanced automatic brake system that the car has. The company displays an impassioned tone for concerned parents who are cautiously considering purchasing a car for their teenager.

Plane mysteriously missing, Obama joins the search

Washington - A Malaysian plane went missing over the Pacific Ocean. Countries around the world have been searching for this ghost plane. Obama first, considered this disappearance as a threat to America and didn't join to help.

He thought it was a threat because of the supernatural conspiracies rumored about the planes absence. Recently, he has contemplated the scenario and realized he was ignorantly wrong. Obamas morals are strong so he implied in his press conference that he will give more than sufficient government funds for the plane search to make up for his naive misconception.

He also implied that he recognizes his support in the search will increase America’s debt significantly. Social media users immediately respond after his press conference criticizing Obamacare. It seems as if “Obamacare” is subliminally being used to describe the president's wits and ways, not just for the flawed Health Care plan.

Kinetic Typography

Changed History 9-11

Everything that meant anything happened on the date of September 11th 2001. Everything leading up to this day of importance would soon disappear. All across the country people were living their lives without a worry in the world. Nothing seemed to deter the radiant joy people brought to each other like gift giving on a Christmas morning. No matter how despicable someone got, or how unjust the law was, people always stood up or stood down and they knew their place. Until the day that changed the world our early history books used to know.

An explosion and another and another, the detrimental bombings, crashing, and gunfire caused the country to shake like a man getting shocked with 2,000 Watts and not stopping until he’s dead. That’s what basically happened in the “terroristic attack”against the United States. The people were acting quite different from the government ever since that day. The people unified and stood together as one against all opposing odds, except one. The government distanced itself from its people and thought of war to anyone who weren’t with them. Somewhere deep down the people knew terrorists weren’t up to this because it was very organized and precise. Many of them thought that the United States government did all the attacks to go to war and end all Arabic nations. The citizens despised the government for this and have been at war with them ever since.

The worst of the war was a week after all the attacking happened. People sought to destroy all government creation and didn’t fear consequences the higher power might try to enforce. The consequences were severe and the government buildings kept collapsing and people kept on getting tortured. The consequence of destroying something or hurting someone who was involved with government affiliations included torture, death penalty, brainwash, and requirement of switching sides.

It was quite clever how the people created their own form of government and called it Uniship. The laws were simple and the system was sophisticated. The inception of this Uniship was strictly unity and violence so they could protect themselves from the powerful army the government had. The people were winning the first two years of the war but soon began to lose more and more people due to the governments brainwash tactics. After the first two years the government began to takeover but soon ran out of resources for their regain of control. Ever since September 11th 2001, the people and its former government have been at war. The last four years for them were sort of like the cold war, non-violent and full of empty promises.

No one had the guts to do anything because they were destroying the country they built but there was no time for grievance and compromise. Ever since there has been threats, attempts and attacks but none were strong enough to start another civil war. The day of September 11th is remembered as a day of hate and regret because of all the problems it brought.

Eminem 25 To Life Lyrics


Too late for the other side

Caught in a chase, 25 to life

[Verse 1]

I don't think she understands the sacrifices that I've made

Maybe if this **** had acted right I woulda stayed

But I've already wasted over half my life

I woulda laid down and died for you, I no longer cry for you

No more pain, ****, you took me for granted, took my heart and ran it

Straight into the planet, into the dirt, I can no longer stand it

Now my respect I demand it: I'mma take control of this relationship

Command it, and I'mma be the boss of you now, goddammit

And what I mean is that I will no longer let you control me

So you better hear me out, this much you owe me

I gave up my life for you, totally devoted to you I have stayed

Faithful all the way, this is how I ***** get repaid?

Look at how I dress: ****** baggy sweats, go to work a mess

Always in a rush to get back to you, I ain't heard you yet

Not even once say you appreciate me, I deserve respect

I've done my best to give you nothing less than perfectness

And I know that if I end this I'll no longer have nothing left

But you keep treating me like a staircase, it's time to step

And I won't be coming back, so don't hold your ***** breath

You know what you've done, no need to go in depth

I told you you'd be sorry if I ***** left, I laughed while you wept

How's it feel now, yeah, funny, ain't it? You neglected me

Did me a favor, though, my spirit free you've set

But a special place for you in my heart I have kept, it's unfortunate but it's


[Verse 2]

I feel like when I bend over backwards for you all you do is laugh

Cause that ain't good enough, you expect me to fold myself in half

'til I snap, don't think I'm loyal, all I do is rap

How can I moonlight on the side, I have no life outside of that

Don't I give you enough of my time, you don't think so, do you

Jealous when I spend time with the girls, why I'm married to you still, man

I don't know, but tonight I'm serving you with papers

I'm divorcing you: go marry someone else and make 'em famous

And take away their freedom like you did to me

Treat 'em like you don't need 'em and they ain't worthy of you

Feed 'em the same **** that you made me eat, I'm moving on, forget you

Oh, now I'm special? I ain't feel special when I was with you

All I ever felt was this helplessness, imprisoned by a selfish ****

Chew me up and spit me out, I fell for this so many times it's ridiculous

And still I stick with this, I'm sick of this

But in my sickness and addiction, you're addictive as they get

Evil as they come, vindictive as they make 'em

My friends keep asking me why I can't just walk away from

I'm addicted to the pain, the stress, the drama, I'm drawn to

I guess I'm a mess, cursed and blessed

But this time I ain't changing my mind, I'm climbing out this abyss

You're screaming as I walk out that I'll be missed

But when you spoke of people who meant the most to you, you left me off your list

**** you, hip hop, I'm leaving you, my life sentence is served, **** and it's just...

A song named “25 to Life” developed and produced by Eminem, Marshall Mathers, is a perfect fitting theme song to the story, 1984, written by George Orwell. In this song, Marshall subliminally raps about how he tried to be loyal to the one thing he should love (his rap career) but can’t because it holds too many expectations. He’s been faithful to his rap work over the years but decides theirs too much for him to hate and the love is slowly fading away. This song is a good fit for the book, 1984’ because Winston tries to be devoted to Big Brother but can’t because Big Brother holds too many expectations of him and is slowly deteriorating him. Marshall also states that the game is evil and how he’s going to climb out of the abyss. Winston says Big Brother is simply evil in the book countless amounts of times. While Winston was held captive he tried to love and understand Big Brother’s wits and ways but couldn’t. It’s very difficult for someone to love something if that something is as evil as the rap game is to Eminem or Big Brother is to Winston. The chorus says, “It’s too late for the other side, caught in a chase 25 to life.” That’s a perfect example of Winston’s final decision and conclusion to the story.

Reflection on Course

With all things considered, I think this class went exceptionally well. Since I took Media Literacy with the same teacher last semester, I can really point out the improvements made. There were a lot of them. I think the main thing that impressed me was the assignments we did and how they were more relative to what this class is really about. I can see how it’s difficult for a teacher to teach a course about media when the younger generation is already well adapted to that subject area. The two books we read, 1984 and Freakonomics can be related to modern day society better than a book like Frankenstein would. With a phenomenal teacher like Mr. Zopf and unconditional learners, I think this class exceeded my expectations. There were many things I took away from this class and applied to my life. It gave me perspective on many different things and that’s something every teenage student needs. The main thing I took from this class is that going through the motion simply won’t get you far. For example, the book 1984 wouldn’t have been as successful if we didn’t have Mr. Zopf to give lectures, discussions, and assignments to better understand the book. Just reading a book and not trying to better your knowledge about it is considered going through the motion. Realizing that it’s more beneficial and fulfilling to give everything your all is definitely the one thing I won’t forget as I move onto college. This lesson learned is all thanks to the teacher who took on the struggles we brought onto him. However, with every great thing, there will always be a flawed aspect. If I had to be honest, I wish we could’ve spent more time on Freakonomics. All and all, this class was sincerely, a close second for favorite courses throughout my high school lifespan.