Digital Citizenship

By Hudson Pfenning

Digital Citizenship Definition and Example

In my own words, digital citizenship is being respectful online to others. An example of Digital Citizenship is your digital footprint.

Internet Safety Fact #1

Never give out personal information online, this means address phone numbers, last names, school names, and other personal info.

Internet Safety Fact #2

You should never share passwords with anyone except your parents, and if you use a public computer, be sure to log out before you leave or else the next person to use that computer is logged into your account for whatever you were in.

Cyberbullying Fact #1

Nearly 43% of students are cyber-bullied, and 1 in 4 people had it happen more than once.

Cyberbullying Fact #2

Since 80% of people use a cell phone, it is the most common medium for cyberbullying.

Positive Digital Presence Importance and why?

Positive Digital Presence is important because it leaves a clean and good mark on your online record and that is helpful for when you want a job and your employer uses the Internet to see what type of person you are.