Hugo the Great

Unforgiving,brutal, and relentless!

Bio of Hugo

Hugo received most of his brutal traits from being a former Army Lieutenant Colonel. He began aggressively attempting to spread his communist views and this bothered the US. Hugo never got along with the U.S and was often seen as an active threat. In order to continue running the country, he cheated during the elections to reassure himself of another term. Similar to other power hungry dictators, many of the people you hear speak out against him, coincidentally disappear. He was not as brutal to his people physically aside from this but he single-handedly destroyed the economy. While he was in power the oil companies took a massive nose dive and the whole country was negatively affected.


(Only about the first few minutes) Many people who lived in Venezuela support Hugo Chavez. He was not as violent as some of the other dictators commonly known around the world. He did not kill people necessarily but indirectly he made thousands of peoples' lives worse. The country began suffering hundreds of thousands of power outages. Along with that, he was known from stealing money from the rich and middle class. When he entered office, he was worth almost nothing, afterwards he was worth about $2 billion. Middle class citizens were obviously furious with the loss of their money and the sudden loss of their small businesses but not much could be done. Hugo was on a mission to spread his socialist/communist views until it came to an end after he lost the battle to cancer.
Why Hugo Chavez Was Bad News


Hugo take the wheel,

The citizens of Argentina think he is for real,

The poor cheer and shout

As the average and wealthy begin to pout

He will take down your business and steal your money

What he's been doing to these people is not funny

Hugo intends to spread his thoughts

But other countries are firing shots

He increased the countrys' production in oil

But in the end his ideas began to spoil.

Essential Question

Despite Hugo's lack of violence, can he still be considered a villainous dictator?
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