Las Positas Updates

3/18/22 Volume 1 (30)

Happy Friday!

You made it!!!

Happy Spring Break~

I'm sure you will agree that it has been a FULL year so far. I am so happy to see all the smiles and joy that our students express as I walk the campus. They are so happy to be at school. I see so much growth that I am already excited to see how much more they'll accomplish next year, now that their foundation is stronger.

To learn more about our school and our progress, please visit our website and see our School Accountability Report Card or SARC. If you need a hard copy, please let us know by calling the office and we will print it out for you. Check it out here.

Have a wonderful well-deserved, refreshing spring break!


Being open-minded means your willing to try new things without prejudging. Watch the video below and see if you can identify those with an open-minded mindset. How did they behave? What words did they use?? In what ways can you be more open-minded?

Kids Try Famous Foods From Children's Books

CAASPP Parent/Guardian Resources

Starting at the end of April, our students will begin the SBAC testing window. This is the annual test on the Common Core Standards that all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students take during the school year. Because this test is so important, we would like to ask for your help in getting your child prepared to do his/her best on this test. Below are a few things you can do to help your child have a successful testing experience:

  • Get your child to bed on time or a little early (a well-rested student will test better).

  • Provide a good, healthy breakfast before leaving for school or have them arrive at 7:40 to eat breakfast at school.

  • Communicate with your child that this test is important. Encourage your child to do his/her very best.

  • Make sure your child is here. Get to school on time to allow your child to feel relaxed and unrushed. More than ever, being on time is critical to successful testing experiences.

Open Minded Students Grown at Las Positas

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PTA/Community Den

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Important Dates:

Every Friday is Spirit Gear: Wear Las Positas Gear or colors

  • 3/18- 4/3 - Yearbook Sales
  • 3/21-3/25 - Spring Break
  • 3/30 - Coffee w/the Principal @ Cancelled this month
  • 4/7- PTA Yogurtland Fundraiser 12 PM - 9 PM
  • 4/7/22 - SSC Meeting #4 @ 8:30
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