Physical Education

Fulton County Schools South Learning Community

2015 - 2016 Issue 6

Spotlighting the best and the brightest physical educators from the South Learning Community in Fulton County.

Heritage Elementary School

Heritage Elementary School is located in College Park, Georgia. This week Mr. Demond Leslie was teaching the students about the overhand and underhand throw. The lesson started with exercises and followed with a YouTube video about the underhand throw. The students enjoyed the steps portrayed in the video - "step, tick, tock". The students modeled the throw and practiced throwing under a volleyball net. Next, the students moved to the overhand throw with paper airplanes! A great way to integrate art and science into the P.E. curriculum! The students loved this idea. Please contact Demond Leslie for more information -

Seaborn Lee Elementary School

Seaborn Lee Elementary is located in College Park, Georgia. Mr. Dane Garreau is the lead P.E. teacher there. On this day the students are working on teamwork and cooperation through the game of Scrabble Scramble. This game also reinforces the language arts skills of spelling and reading. Want to learn how to play Scrabble Scramble? Contact Mr. Garreau at

Fulton County P.E. Teachers Learn Flag Football

On October 9, Fulton County Elementary P.E. teachers participated in a flag football in-service with Fuel Up to Play 60, NFL Flag, Nike, the Atlanta Falcons, and Generation Youth. Click to watch a video - All Elementary P.E. teachers will be receiving a Fuel Up to Play 60 NFL Flag Essentials kit (regardless if you attended the training or not)! It was a lot of fun!

Fulton County Physical Education: Definitions of Instructional Technology, Rigor and MVPA in Physical Education

Instructional Technology - The strategic use of a variety of tools to promote active, engaged, and meaningful learning experiences. The use of technology in physical education should be instructionally aligned, standards-based, and designed to enhance student learning.

Rigor - The teacher creates a student-centered, challenging environment where individual student and class performance is continually assessed to guide instruction through extending, refining, and applying tasks or activities. The content is linked for transfer of learning within physical education and among other content areas.

Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) - MVPA is the time spent on moderate to vigorous physical activity during the lesson. The intensity of the activity depends on the individual’s previous experience in their level of fitness. It is the expectation that students are engaged in MVPA for a minimum of 50% of class time.

GAHPERD Convention 2015

The GAHPERD convention is October 25 - October 27 at the Hilton Marietta Convention & Conference Center. This is a great convention to learn new ideas and collaborate with your peers from around the state. Pre-Convention registration has ended, however, registration will be available on site beginning October 25. Here is a link to view the convention schedule -

Website To Try!

This week the featured website is The Physical Educator - This link will take you to skill posters that you can use in class with QR codes for the students to click on and watch how to perform the skills! A great way to use the iPad in your class!

Important Sites To Know

Georgia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance -

SHAPE America (our National Standards) -

Fulton County Schools P.E. Website (you need your login credentials)

Georgia Performance Standards for P.E.

Georgia Fitnessgram

Fuel Up to Play 60

Looking for something new to try with your students? Have you signed up for Fuel Up to Play 60? There are great ideas to implement in your physical education program, and way to win prizes for your school. Don't forget about the grants! The next due date is November 4, 2015. Please let me know if you need help with the application - I have received this grant twice!

Jump Rope For Heart

Does your school participate in Jump Rope for Heart? This is a great project based learning unit for physical education! I had our community representative speak with the students, and we made post cards for the children at the local hospital. This is in addition to the great things that JRFH does to enhance our program. You can also do the Hoops for Heart in the Elementary School! Please check out or

or email our representative - Kelsey Schival -

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