Genetic Disorder Project

Introducing Segment

This disease is also called ," underactive thyroid". Hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid gland. This means that the original thyroid gland cannot make enough thyroid hormones to keep the body processing normally. Since the main purpose of having a thyroid gland is to run the body's metabolism. In this condition, several people will experience different symptoms that will slow down their mental thinking process. On estimation, 10 million Americans have this condition. Hypothyroidism is more common that you would believe, many people all over the world have this disease and they don't even know it.

Brief Discovery

In the era of finding out who discovered the genetic disorder, hypothyroidism has been found over several years. William Gull first discovered adult hypothyroidism in 1874


When thyroid levels become too low, the body's cells cant get enough thyroid hormone and the body's process starts slowing down. The conditions and symptoms are different for everyone of all ages. You could,

-Feel colder

- You get tired more easily

-Skin gets drier and cracks

- Memory loss

- Depressed

- Constipation

- Hairloss

- Facial Puffiness

- Slow Speech

- Hoarse Voice

If you decide not to rush into thyroid replacement, you can go to your doctor and they will help you through everything. Doctors will normally write a prescription for Hypothyroid patients. If you keep on track with the schedule the doctor has given you for when to take your certain pills, the symptoms should disappear gradually over time.

To see a more visual presentation on the symptoms of this disorder, click on the video below!

What Is Hypothyroidism : Causes, Signs, Symptoms And How To Cure Thyroid Diseases

Does this disorder have an impact on an individuals life?

To answer that question it would be yes. This genetic disorder can cause depression, anxiety, and lots of other emotions that happen through time that could stick with you until the treatment is complete. Depression in the case is hard to get rid of. Through a persons life that carries this with them, alterations of taste, hearing, and vision, and change gradually within a few months.

Steps to take to know if you have Hypothyroidism and to Fix the problem

Individuals can experience signs of having this disorder but are never quite sure if they have it or not. Doctors and nurses will preform an initial evaluation test on the patients who have suspected symptoms and occurrences with this disorder with measurements of the TSH level. The TSH level is the most sensitive test for determining the results of not having the disorder or having it. Thyroid Replacement is where most patients that contract hypothyroidism go to get rid of it. After staring the replacement and therapy as well, the TSH level should go down in 3 to 6 weeks and keep on schedule with the medication they could give you. If the treatment and therapy successfully cures you, the effects and symptoms should reverse and go down.


Whoever has the disorder of Hypothyroidism, there are certain support groups to help families and people understand the meaning of it and to relax the situation. There is an organization called, "The British Thyroid Foundation" (BTF). It is a charity dedicated to supporting people with these disorders. This has been around since 1991 and is highly recommended. Click on the link below to get more information about the group.