Isaac Hopkins

This Is Me

A Litte Background

I was born in Topeka Kansas but only lived there for 7 years, plus the one year I went to college there. I spent the majority of my life in McPherson Kansas, which is basically the exact middle of the country. I played varsity tennis in high school. I started playing trumpet when I was 11 years old. My dad was my first trumpet teacher and my band director for all 7 years of middle school and high school. I liked math, science and history in school. Until my senior year, I had planned on being either an Aeronautical, Chemical or Nuclear Engineer from the time I was in 3rd grade. Lucky I switched to music, because that other stuff is too serious and a little boring.

The Hopkins Family Mostly Brass Quartet

This is a recording of my family playing in church. This is a mostly brass quartet. It includes my mom and dad on french horn, me on trumpet and my little brother on clarinet.
Hopkins Quartet

Carnival of Venice

I played this solo with the Washburn Wind Ensemble for an all Sousa concert. The concert was fun, except is was almost 2 hours long and we were in marching uniforms the entire time!
Carnival of Venice played by Isaac Hopkins