Caitlin Monagan


Perseverance is not giving up when the going gets tough. All of the people in my newsletter show perseverance these people are Caine who runs his arcade, Lorenzo Santillian from spare parts , ballerina Misty Copeland, Oscar Vasquez, and Luis aranda from spare parts this people are faced with many advertises. The purpose of this newsletter is to show you anything is possible if you work an try hard no matter what.

Caine's arcade and Lorenzo

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Misty copeland

Misty Copeland has had a hard life but she overcame that and she became a star. When she first started ballet she was thirteen and was living in a shabby motel room. and before that she moved around multiple times never having a stable father figure. And that is very hard if you don't have two people bringing in money for the family because ballet is super expensive you have to pay for classes, privates, studio rentals, pointe shoes, costumes, tight, leotards, hair stuff, ballet shoes and other dance shoes, and food, healthy food because you need to fuel your body with healthy food if you are a dancer. But misty pulled through and was a prodigy when she was harshly rejected by New York City ballet she had resilience and came back even stronger. something that helped her was she was given many scholarships as a teen for ballet training. At the age of 19 Misty was given a position in the corps de ballet of ABT and a few years later became the first principle African american ballet dancer with ABT. Misty is in the boys and girls club hall of fame. She is a very noble person inside and out.

Oscar Vasquez

Oscar Vasquez beat the odds he had a very hard life. He came to the U.S. illegally but he was completely dedicated to this country. He was so dedicated to this country that he wanted to join our military and possibly die if he had to, but he couldn't because he wasn't given a green card. But that's okay because that made him join the robotics club and work hard to get a good future and his team in robotics won the ROV competition sponsored by NASA. After high school he got a degree and then deported himself but came back to the U.S. after he was allowed. Now he has a good job and has served the military. Oscar has demonstrated determination and triumph in life.

Luis aranda

Luis Aranda has had a difficult life, to many people he may have seemed complacent but he isn't and he has great resolve. Unlike many of his teammates he first got a green card before coming to the U.S., and then he moved to the U.S. legally. After that Luis went to years of schooling being in the Robotics club with christian arcega, Oscar Vasquez, and Lorenzo Santillian he went to culinary school. then he became a chef and achieve his dream job.

Mikhail from Saving Zasha

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