The Amazing Life of Blue Whales

By: John Hallenbeck


The Blue Whale is an amazing 100 feet long!, The Blue Whale has a interesting body structure, Diet, movement, and habitat.
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As you can see the Blue Whale is a very amazing creature and some people kill Blue Whales and we need to protect these beautiful whales too. I hope you enjoyed reading the amazing facts about the Blue Whaleś Habitat,Diet,and Appearance.


I’m making an aquarium in my school with a lot cool fish and all the right things to help them survive. I bought a tank, a filter, filter cartridges, gravel, thermometer, food, decorations and lights. The fish that I bought were: 2 neon tetras, 2 elephant ear Beta’s and 1 green mandarin The neon tetras are one inch long and are orange, blue and silver in color. The elephant ear fish are blue and black and the length is 2 inches. The green Mandarin are 2 inches and are green and black. I stayed within the budget of $250.00 and spent $164.65. I enjoyed “go fish” and shopping for all the fish.

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This is my Diorama. I enjoyed making this and I loved that you can make your own fish. I have a Shark, Man of War, Blue Crab, Starfish, seaweed, ROCK, coral, Sea turtle, Two Blue Whales, a Baracuta, and a Dolphin.