Parent/Teacher Conferences

LHS Parent/Teacher Conferences Are Going Digital!


  • Thursday, December 3, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Friday, December 4, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Via Google Meet

Dear Ships Families,

We are excited to announce that we will be holding virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences using Google Meets from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Dec. 3 and from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Dec. 4. Students will still have classes on Dec. 3, but on Dec. 4, no live classes for students will be offered.

The purpose of Parent/Teacher conferences is to help build relationships between parents, families, and staff while providing an opportunity for two-way feedback. We aim to provide great communication at all times, but this is an occasion to do so a little more formally.

You may schedule a Meet with any of your child’s teachers by following this procedure:

  1. Click the “PT Conference” link for a teacher you want to meet (see below).

  2. Choose the time that works best for you.

  3. Type your phone number & your child’s name in the “Description” box to help teachers be fully prepared.

  4. Click, “SAVE”.

  5. The Google Meet will be automatically scheduled on your Google Calendar, which will include a link to your Google Meet.

  6. The link to your Google Meet will also be included in a confirmation email.

  7. If you need to cancel for any reason, please email the teacher to let them know, and delete the appointment from your calendar.

You will need a Google Gmail account to schedule the Meet. If you don’t have Gmail, you can sign up for it here (it’s free). Additionally, you can use your child’s school account.

If those options do not work for you, you can call the office (663-9600) and someone will assist you. The deadline to sign up is Tuesday, December 1st.

Yog koj xav tau tus txhais lus pab koj teem caij ntsib cov xibfwb, thov hu 663-9373.

Si necesita un intérprete, comuníquese con nosotros al 920-663-9372.

After your conference, you will be asked to give us some feedback, as well as let us know if you need any further assistance. If you missed that link, please feel free to use this one: Lincoln High School P/T Conference Feedback Form

Thank you for your continued partnership with us in the essential work of education!


Lee Thennes


Manitowoc Lincoln High School

Video: How To Schedule an Appointment for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences



Eichmann, Katherine - Associate Principal K. Eichmann PT Conference

Korinek, Kyle - Associate Principal K. Korinek PT Conference

Longmeyer, Lainey - Dean of Students L. Longmeyer PT Conferences

Steavpack, David - Director of Activities and Athletics Athletics&Activities PT Conferences

Thennes, Lee - Principal L. Thennes PT Conference


Deeley, Sam - Art S. Deeley PT Conferences

Dorn, John - Art J. Dorn PT Conferences


Cornell, Thadd - Business Education Mr. Cornell Conferences

Shimek, Melanie - Business Education M. Shimek PT Conferences

Troullier, Julie - Business Education J TroullierPT Conferences


Bolchen, Shawn - English S. Bolchen PT Conferences

Brey, Jodi - English J. Brey PT Conferences

Fiecko, Gwen - English G. Fiecko PT Conferences

Glampe, Allison - English A. Glampe PT Conferences

Jahnke, Chantel - English C. Jahnke PT Conferences

Lusk, Mary - English M. Lusk PT Conferences

Madson, Emily - English E. Madson PT Conferences

Peterson, Liz - English L. Peterson PT Conferences

Powers, Lindsey - English L. Powers PT Conferences

Seelig, Amber - English A. Seelig PT Conferences

Skornicka, Scott - English S. Skornicka PT Conferences


Althen, Mike - Family & Consumer Education M. Althen PT Conferences

Foss, Michele - Family & Consumer Education M. Foss PT Conferences

Grodek, Becky - Family & Consumer Education B. Grodek PT Conferences

McVeigh, Tammy - Family & Consumer Education/Library Media Specialist T. McVeigh PT Conferences


Aulik, Candice - Mathematics C. Aulik PT Conferences

Blennert, Ryan - Mathematics Ryan Blennert PT Conferences

Conrad, Kris - Mathematics K. Conrad PT Conferences

Grodek, Christopher - Mathematics C. Grodek PT Conferences

Henschel, Stephanie - Mathematics H. Henschel PT Conferences

Kakuk, Tanya - Mathematics T. Kakuk PT Conferences

Mayer, Kasey - Mathematics K. Mayer PT Conferences

Rammer, Melissa - Mathematics M. Rammer PT Conferences

Shavlik, Dayna - Mathematics D. Shavlik PT Conferences

Vach, April - Mathematics A. Vach PT Conferences

Wagner, Ann - Mathematics A. Wagner PT Conferences


Bowman, David - Music: Chorus D. Bowman PT Conferences

Mueller, Rebekah - Music: Band R. Mueller PT Conferences

Hrudik, Monica - Music: Orchestra M. Hrudik PT Conferences


Bongle, Dana - Physical Education D. Bongle PT Conferences

Dixon, Mary Beth - Physical Education Dixon (PE) PT Conferences

Foster, Jessica - Physical Education J. Foster PT Conferences

Jones, William - Physical Education W. Jones PT Conferences

Longmeyer, Michael - Physical Education M. Longmeyer PT Conferences


Fox-Brewer, Amber - Counselor A. Fox-Brewer PT Conferences

Heuvelman, Melissa - Counselor M. Heuvelman PT Conferences

Thennes, Erin - Counselor E. Thennes PT Conferences

Wiesner, Joe - Counselor J. Wiesner PT Conferences


Proszenyak, Bonnie - Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator B. Proszenyak PT Conferences

Waniger, Ashley - School-to-Work Coordinator/ Work Experience Teacher A. Waniger PT Conferences


Ackley, Jody - Science J. Ackley PT Conferences

*Due to prior family obligations, conferences are not available on 12/4 but are alternatively offered on 12/7.

Christiansen, Carol - Science C. Christiansen PT Conferences

Cosme, Angel - Science Cosme P/T Conferences

Dixon, Molly - Science M. Dixon PT Conferences

Ducat, Rick - Science R. Ducat PT Conferences

Filer, Mark - Science M. Filer PT Conference

Hall, Adam - Science A. Hall PT Conferences

Mancheski, Tracey - Science T. Mancheski PT Conferences

Otte-Meyer, Erin - Science E. Otte-Meyer Conferences

Pederson, Jennifer - Science J. Pederson PT Conferences

Schmidt, Neal - Science N Schmidt PT Conferences

Tietyen, Erik - Science E Tietyen PT Conferences


Blennert, Renate - Social Studies Renate Blenert PT Conferences

Enz, Greg - Social Studies G. Enz PT Conferences

George, Rachael - Social Studies R. George PT Conferences

Hamann, Thomas - Social Studies Hamann P/T Conferences

Johnson, Casey - Social Studies C. Johnson PT Conferences

Kadow, Matt - Social Studies M. Kadow PT Conferences

Parnitzke, Terry - Social Studies T. Parnitzke PT Conferences

Petersen, Nicole - Social Studies N. Petersen PT Conferences

Ricke, John - Social Studies J. Ricke PT Conferences

Sieracki, Carl - Social Studies C. Sieracki PT Conferences

Sutherland, Jason - Social Studies J. Sutherland PT Conferences


Clavette, Josh - Special Education-ID J. Clavette PT Conferences

Dietrich, John - Special Education-EBD J. Dietrich PT Conferences

Doran, Mary - Special Education-EBD M. Doran PT Conferences

Doyen, Rebecca - Special Education-ID R. Doyen PT Conferences

Evans, Shane - Special Education-SLD S. Evans PT Conferences

Forry, Tracy - Special Education-EBD Forry PT Conferences

Heffentrager, Sarah - Special Education-SLD S. Heffentrager PT Conferences

McDonough, Peter - Special Education-SLD P. McDonough PT Conferences

Mulhaney, Shaun - Special Education-SLD S. Mulhaney PT Conferences

Ott, Carrie - Special Education-ID C. Ott PT Conferences

Saharsky, John - Special Education-EBD J Saharsky PT Conferences

Schmidt, Kara - Special Education-SLD K. Schmidt PT Conference

Summerville, Judy - Special Education-ID J. Summerville PT Conferences

Tauschek, Amanda - Special Education-SLD A. Tauschek Conferences

Stachovak, Aaron - Special Education- Virtual


Berth, Cait - EL C. Berth PT Conferences

Herdina, Heather - Reading Specialist Herdina PT Conferences

Ruechel, Ben - EL Ruechel PT Conferences


Kleinhans, Daniel - Technology Education D. Kleinhans PT Conferences

Wagner, Kyle - Technology Education K. Wagner's PT Conferences

Zimmerman, Ryan - Technology Education R. Zimmerman PT Conferences


Stokes, Deanne - Theater D. Stokes PT Conferences


Calaway-Laubuge, Kim - World Language: French K. Calaway-Laubuge PT Conferences

Glandt, Christopher - World Language: German C. Glandt PT Conferences

Johnson, Tonya - World Language: Spanish T. Johnson PT Conferences

Smith, Jamie - World Language: Spanish J. Smith PT Conferences

Swemke, Jessica - World Language: Spanish J. Swemke PT Conferences