By: THE Shubham


An adventure genre book is has explorations. It usually incorporates suspenseful puzzles and ransoms. The main character(s) is/are usually trying to retrieve or save something or someone.

Example: The Hunger Games


Mystery is a sub genre of narrative fiction, often referred to as a detective story. There is almost always a puzzle or trouble that needs to be solved.

Example: Sherlock Holmes


This book is usually when two or more people like each other and are going through struggles to stay together.

Example: The Fault In Our Stars

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A book that uses suspense, tension and excitement as its main elements. Usually scary.

(Caution: Can sometimes make you sweaty.)

Example: The Zombie Room

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A book of imaginary things, most certainly things that are impossible or improbable.
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Biography is book that is written about someones life. Biography is usually written on famous or popular people. These books are nonfiction, meaning that they are based on true facts.
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Auto Biography

Someone who wrote facts about their own life.
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The main goal of this genre is to make the reader laugh. Often combined with other elements such as romance and action/adventure..

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Events based on writer’s observation, can only have one event that’s memorable in the author’s life. Memoirs can be fictionalized for children.
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Historical Fiction

Depictions of real historical figures in imagined situations.
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Realistic Fiction

A story that could have actually occurred to people or animals in a believable setting. These stories resemble real life, and fictional characters within these stories react similarly to real people.
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Science Fiction

Science fiction is a genre of fiction in which stories often tell about science and technology of the future. It is important to note that science fiction has a relationship with the principles of science- these stories involve part true- part fiction laws of theories of science.
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