Bulimia Nervosa

by: April Mendoza

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what is bulimia?

Bulimia is an eating disorder where you eat large amount of food then you throw it up or excessive exercising.


There is no way to prevent bulimia but you can do things to help you or someone steer away from it. For example have a healthy body image, talking to your doctor and having a healthy life style


  • Not being able to stop eating until you have physical pain
  • wanting to eat when no one else is around
  • eating large amounts of food with out gaining weight
  • being preoccupied with your weight/body image
  • forcing your self to vomit after meals
  • excessive exercise after meals


Treatments for bulimia involves professional counseling, sometimes medication and could involve staying in hospital to help you prevent from throwing up after meals. They also try to help you by eating normal amount of meals.


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