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December Already?!?!

It has been fun watching some of our teachers pilot the "Bring Your Own Device" program for the district. We are trying some new iPad apps and integrating them into classroom instruction.

The library has been bustling with students working on presentations and papers. We are certainly busy!

Independent Study with Embedded Quizzes

Lifelong learning is essential for personal growth

MENTOR MOB EDU: Make a "learning playlist" by using MentorMob.

This website allows you make a playlist of resources for students to browse.

Or, you can have students work together to make a playlist for a presentation.

BONUS: The playlist can contain quizzes, videos, uploaded files or Power point presentations, pictures, Internet links.

DOUBLE BONUS: You can share the playlist with an entire class or share it with a few users.

IDEA: You could upload all of the content for an entire unit (worksheets, Power Points, handouts, videos, diagrams...) as a playlist for students. Students can go through the playlist as they learn the material in class, or they could use it to study for a test.

ANOTHER IDEA: You could use MentorMob as a showcase of student work. Make a playlist of student websites, videos, brochures... Then, give them the assignment of going to the lab and browsing through the playlist to see what others have done.

Make sure you use MentorMob EDU--

This is the version for education purposes!

Click on the link below for more ideas about how to use MentorMob in your classroom.

Technology Tip

Lifelong learning is essential for personal growth.

Make Your Images Interactive--Thinglink

See photo below--

Annotate a photo by adding music, video, Internet links, text, images,...

Do you see all of the white dots in the photo below? Those are all annotations that the creator of this Thinklink added to the picture. These annotations can lead to text boxes, videos, Internet sites...

All you need to do is find a picture and upload it to the site. Then you can add annotations. You can even invite others to collaborate with you on your annotations.

Books on Screen

People thrive when they feel connected, supported and affirmed.

There are so many great YA book titles that are being made into movies. This month book club is working to organize two trips to the theater. We will be seeing Ender's Game and Catching Fire. Look for information on the news about how to get your tickets! These opportunities will be open to all students and staff.

Also, Teen Reads compiles monthly updates about books that are becoming movies-- check it out! LINK TO BOOKS ON SCREEN

Betcha Can't Read Just One

Everyone can learn.

Wow. We have so many new series for you to check out.

There are at least fifty on display in the front of the media center.

Check out a whole series of books to read on your winter vacation!

What I am Reading