GCS Elementary Library

What's Happening #2

Operation Christmas Child

All of the students are watching the Samaritan's Purse--Operation Christmas Child video during their library class. We have loved watching the children receive their boxes around the world and have talked about what to put in a shoe box gift and what to leave at home. Shoe box gifts are due November 16th.

5th Grade

Fifth Graders have been busy getting ready for Wax Museum. They are reading a book about a person who has influenced our world history--either for the good or the bad. We have researched our characters using different Encyclopedias and other Reference Books. Our Wax Museum will be November 14th at 8:00 am. Come and see what we've learned.

4th Grade

Fourth Grade has started learning about different reference materials. We have completed a unit on the Almanac and are getting ready to start a unit on Non-Fiction books.

3rd Grade

Third grade finished studying parts of books. We are now starting a unit on Biographies. We read a biography about Patricia MacLachlan. This was fun since they just finished reading Skylark as a class for F&F. Biographies are shelved by the name of the person the book is about--this is something new for us to remember.

2nd Grade

Second Grade has finished reviewing the Dewey Decimal System. They are enjoying checking out books from the "back wall" of the library. They are also checking out JF books with green dots--like Magic Treehouse, Cul-de-sac Kids, and Jigsaw Jones. We will be mastering the parts of books next.

1st Grade

We have read all of the Library Mouse books and wish we had a mouse living in our library. First graders are beginning to learn about nonfiction books. They are learning a modified version of the Dewey Decimal System. They are comparing fiction and nonfiction books to see what makes them different.


K-5 continues to use the iPads in class during centers. During library we have talked about Fire Safety. Our favorite book has been Stop, Drop, and Roll. The best part of library was Mrs. Green letting us practice stopping, dropping, and rolling all over the library!!!