history, dress code, dates, and celebrations

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By Kara Gonzales

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History of Carnival

Carnival has an expansive history. It is said that it started because of lent. Lent is a religious tradition a few weeks before easter that is mostly celebrated by catholics. They couldn't eat rich food or drink, so it had to dispose of it before lent. This led to them making a ceremony called carnival so they could get rid of it, via a feast. Carnival is celebrated in many places, some of the countries are Asia, Africa, Italy, and South America. We will be focusing on the Carnival in Rio de Janario, South America.

Lent is...

Lent is a religious holiday that is usually celebrated by Christian peoples. It is where you can not eat or drink rich substances. It is like a fasting period. Due to this fact they must eat very little during this holiday. Carnival was founded to dispose this rich food. Lent comes a little before Easter. They could not eat meat, dairy, fats, and sugar during this time, for all of those delicious foods are considered "rich". $$$$$


Everyone dresses up in colorful costumes and dances in the street. They will have feasts and celebrations involving the whole community. During the evening, there is a huge parade in the street as floats decked out in lights with beautiful people dance in front, and on top of floats. It is thought to be one of the biggest celebrations in the world! During these festivities, there are also feasts in their communities. These communities include close friends and neighbors so that they can have fun before they have to fast during lent.

2015 Rio de Janario Carnival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, Feb. 5th 2015 at 12:15am to Friday, March 6th 2015 at 12am

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, RJ

The event will begin on a Friday and end on ash wedsday.
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Everyone is allowed to be in the parade, as long as they have a float and costumes of course. There is even a Junior parade for kids to participate in the joyous festivities! There are many different parades, some of them are even organized by schools and they still have gigantic floats!
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Parade Time

This is a video of the carnival parade live, in Rio de Janario.

More floats and Costumes!!!!!!!!!!!

Carnival is awesome

As you can see this joyous holiday deserves to be one of the biggest celebrations on Earth, and it is! With all of these beautiful floats, colorful costumes, and feasts with family, how could it not be?! So if you ever wish to go to Rio, try to go during Carnival!!!!!!!