Meadow Creek Monday Message

November 16, 2015

Grandparents and Friends Lunch

PTA will host a Grandparents and Friends Lunch on Tuesday, November 24.

The lunch schedule for Tuesday will be:

First Grade: 10:15 to 10:45

Second Grade: 10:45 to 11:15

Third Grade: 11:15 to 11:45

Fifth Grade: 11:45 to 12:15

PK and K: 12:15 to 12:45

Fourth Grade: 12:45 to 1:15

Sixth Grade: 1:15 to 1:45

Students (PK-4) who don't have guests may go first in line and then taken back to a classroom to eat. This is due to space and because we will not have every guest go through the Positive Proof sign in on this date.

Grandparents and friends will be invited back to your classrooms to spend a few minutes with you so please plan something that the students can share with our guests. A picture gallery walk, a song, a game, reading stories or any other creative idea you have.

We will send out the recess schedule but it should be only one grade level outside at a time so be sure come in when the next grade is coming out.

Thank you for helping make this a great customer experience for our families!

Stranger Danger Presentations

We will have Officer Butch Lindsey with us this week for Stranger Danger presentations in the cafeteria.

Kindergarten will have their presentation on Tuesday, November 17 at 1:30 PM.

Friday, November 20 will have their presentations in the cafeteria at:

9:00 grades 5 and 6

9:30 grades PK and 2

10:00 grades 1, 3 and 4

Thank you for having a follow up conversation with your students after his presentation to reinforce What we need to remember in a situation with a stranger.

Thank you!

Thank you for your enthusiastic and creative participation on Friday! You did a great job helping us connect to the Five Rules of Engagement that are important for us so we can be successful. I hope you walked in the door this morning excited about something you were going to do or use with your students to get them engaged! If not, find something!

I know that when you facilitate our discussion on your chapter, you will help us learn even more strategies to help not only students from poverty, but all students!

Data Days

Have you found a data partner yet? We talked in August about meeting with another class in another grade level so that your students can share the information in their data folders. The students had the chance to share their data folders with their parents after the first six weeks so we want to continue the opportunity for the conversation. This Thursday and Friday would be a good time to meet!

Pull For Hope

If you would like to donate $20 for the Pull for Hope, please be sure to bring it to Doreen by November 23. The donations go to 6 Stones to help support their Night of Hope program that provides presents for HEB students for Christmas. In return, you get a pass to wear jeans for every day in December!

Six Weeks Luncheon

Isn't it the best feeling to know you don't have to pack a lunch? What about when you arrive at school and there is a feast to choose from! Both of those things will happen on Friday, November 20 for our Faculty Six Week's Luncheon. We have some fabulous cooks and some fabulous people who know how to purchase great food. We want to kick off the Eating Season right with our Six Week's Luncheon on Friday, November 20!

Goal Team Reports

We will have a faculty meeting on Thursday, November 19 for Goal Teams to report out on their progress so far this year! We will meet in the music room at 3:20.

Spirit Nights

We have a spirit night this week at a new location! This event supports Meadow Creek PTA.

It will be Tuesday, November 17 at Red Robin in Grapevine. Be sure to take the flier with you to let them know you are from Meadow Creek.

PTA Luncheon

PTA will be hosting a Pot Luck luncheon for us on Monday, November 23. Another day when you don't have to worry about packing a lunch! Thank you to our PTA for thinking of us!

RTI Open Lab

The district will be hosting an Open Lab for RTI on November 18. Support will be there to help with writing goals and to record data. Be sure to sign up on Eduphoria since there are limited seats!


Thank you for keeping it updated! It is a very important resource for your students and parents to not only know what the students learned that day but also to know what the assignments were. We want this to be a place where parents and students can go to make sure they are completing the right assignments and know what pages and problems to complete for their homework. Thank you for making it be a helpful resource!


Remember to only use a students first name and last initial in an anyone, even the parents. If you get an email that has both names used, start a new email to reply and not use the original email with both names. You want to be sure you are using confidentiality expectations, especially if the sender is not.

Another confidentiality sure you are only talking to the legal guardian of a student. If grandmother picks the student up each day and she is not the legal guardian, you are not able to talk about his day and if it was good or bad. You can't ask someone who is not the legal guardian to "tell mom he had a bad day." If you are not certain who is the legal guardian, come ask in the office and we can check the records with you!

Be sure you are traveling with your students, especially at dismissal. We need only one single file line to exit the right doors so you may need to wait with your class until it is your turn to go. Thank you for your help with this CHAMPS expectation.

If you are going to be absent, please be sure to text me before the school day begins.

November Birthdays

November 2 - AJ Wolery Blood

November 4 - Doreen Mengwasser

November 12 - Leslye Ammonds

November 14 - Devin Melancon

November 14 - Cyndi Riggs

November 21 - Cristina Roberts

Professional Development

November 17

Every Student, Every Book, Every Day ( This is an excellent session!!)

Important Dates

November 16 - Christmas Providers Food Drive begins

November 17 - Math CBA grades 3-6

November 17 - Red Robin Meadow Creek PTA Spirit Night

November 19 - Report cards and College Day = jeans

November 19 - Faculty Meeting Goal Team Reports

November 20 - Six Weeks Luncheon = jeans day

November 20 - 5th grade Field Trip to the museum

November 23 - PTA Pot Luck Luncheon = jeans day

November 23 - Last day to donate for the Pull for Hope

November 24 - Grandparents and Special Friends Lunch

December 1 - 4th grade Writing DBA

December 3 - Faculty Meeting- chapter 3 Champions present!

December 3 - Spirit Night at Chili's

December 7 - PTA Reindeer Store and Penny Drive begin

December 8 - Dolphin Choir Christmas Show

December 10 - Geography Bee

December 10 - Faculty Meeting

December 11 - All Pro Dad Breakfast

December 12 - Breakfast with Santa

December 16 - Harwood Band and Choir at 8:15 AM

December 16 - Meadow Creek PTA Dessert Extravaganza

December 17 - Christmas Parties at 2:00 PM

December 18 - Santa arrives