BoardNotes: June & July 2022

Highlights from the Caroline Board of Education Meeting

Caroline County Board of Education meetings are livestreamed and may also be viewed after the meeting has concluded. For information about the Board of Education, including agendas and meeting schedules, please visit the Leadership page of our website.

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Administrative Appointments

The following administrative appointments were made at the meeting. Details may be found in the news release that followed the meeting.

  • Dr. Tara Downs, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
  • Sarah Crebs, Principal, Denton Elementary
  • Brett Evans, Assistant Principal, Federalsburg Elementary
  • Thomas Jefferson, Assistant Principal, North Caroline High School
  • Raquel Johnson, Coordinator of Special Education

FY2023 Operating Budget

The FY2023 Operating Budget was adopted as presented by Chief Financial Officer Erin Thornton.

FY2023 Operating Budget

FY2023 Budget Summary



Board Member Reports

Board Member Reports

Ms. Wayman attended a recent meeting of the Eastern Shore of Maryland Educational Consortium (ESMEC) and found the information provided to be valuable. She also enjoyed reading to classes at the end of the year, and chose a children's book authored by her daughter.

Ms. DiGiacomo also enjoyed reading to classes and chose her favorite book, The Velveteen Rabbit.

Mr. Barton appreciated the State Superintendent's roundtable discussion for local board presidents and the central office retirement celebration. He also enjoyed his visit to Greensboro Elementary on the last day of school.

Mr. Jones also enjoyed attending the retirement celebration.

Mr. Newcomb also attended the ESMEC meeting and specifically mentioned speaker Malik Mohammad. He also spoke to the value of the State Superintendent's Roundtable.

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Superintendent's Report

Dr. Simmons enjoyed reading to Ms. Baumann's class at the end of the year. He also provided a short update on the work of the Accountability and Implementation Board (AIB) which oversees the Blueprint for Maryland's Future.


The Board approved personnel items as presented by Debbie Siachos, Supervisor of Human Resources Debbie Siachos.


Caroline County Retired School Personnel Association

The Board expressed their appreciation to Mrs. Barbara Short of the Caroline County Retired School Personnel Association for their generous contribution of $100 to each school.

News Release


Administrative Appointment

The Board approved the administrative appointment of Brian Curtis as assistant principal at Federalsburg Elementary School effective July 1, 2022.

News Release

Curriculum Adoption: Illustrative Mathematics K-5 Math

The Board approved the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum referred to as IM K-5 Math. Designed under the leadership of William McCallum, a lead writer of the Common Core, all IM curricula are fully aligned to the rigor and coherence of the standards.

IM K-5 Math is an Open Educational Resource. IM Certified Partners provide access to the latest versions of IM Certified curricula through a freely available option as well as through for-fee print and digital platforms. There are two certified partners for IM K-5 Math: Kendall Hunt and Imagine Learning.

Both vendors offer digital access to IM K–12 Math, certified by Illustrative Mathematics, along with printed resources to ensure teachers and students are making the most of IM’s problem-based curriculum. The digital curriculum provides schools access to the most up-to-date version so students receive an effective mathematics education.

Kendall Hunt Illustrative Mathematics Overview Brochure

Supervisor of Instruction Melissa Mulligan selected viable options from those rated Meets Expectations by EdReports and currently in use by other Maryland districts. Fourteen math curricula were considered based on the criteria in the CSM rubric. Vendor presentations were scheduled with the MRTs and demo accounts were shared with teachers. K-5 teachers were surveyed to identify teachers willing to participate in vetting process. Additional teachers were recruited so that all schools and all grade levels were represented.

K-5 Math Curriculum Selection

Contract #22-025 Refuse and Recycling Services

The Board accepted the bids as shown on the attached exhibit and award a contract to BFI Waste Services, LLC, d/b/a Republic Services of Delmar, in the total amount of $188,033.64. This is the total cost of the contract for two years. The costs for FY23 and FY24 are $92,627.52 and $95,406.12, respectively.

Eastern Shore of Maryland Educational Consortium (ESMEC) Health Insurance Alliance Trustee Appointment

The Board appointed Chief Financial Officer Erin Thornton to represent management as an Eastern Shore of Maryland Educational Consortium (ESMEC) Health Insurance Alliance trustee.

MABE Legal Services Association Director and Alternate Director

The Board approved the appointment of Dr. Rob Willoughby to represent CCPS at the Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) Legal Services Association meetings for the 2022-2023 school year. Elizabeth Anthony was approved as the alternate representative.

MABE Workers Comp Fund Representative Appointment

The Board approved the appointment of Dr. Rob Willoughby to represent CCPS at the Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) Workers Compensation Fund meetings for the 2022-2023 school year.

Administrators and Supervisors Association MOU

The Board approved the 2022-2023 Memorandum of Understanding with the Administrators and Supervisors Association of Caroline County (ASACC).

ASACC MOU Proposals for SY23


New Communications Platform

Communication Officer Sandi Barry reviewed the new communication platform for the 2022-2023 school year.


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