Blue Ribbon Conference 2014

Notes and resources from sessions.

Leading change is a planned journey into uncharted waters with a leaky boat and a mutinous crew.

- M. Fuller

Cool Tools

Plickers- Paper Clickers



Screen Cast Omatic


Sketch Up














Edmodo Group


The 3 C's

  • Consumers
  • Collaborators
  • Creators

Technology Integration Matrix ( TIM )

  • Key Ideas- Technology does not teach children. Technology is an academic intervention.
  • Technology is a tool that professionals can sue to improve learning.
  • There is no single correct way to use technology.

Florida TIM

Has over 100 videos from actual teachers on technology integration.

SAMR Model (Theory)

Keynote Address- Rich Melheim

Cortisol- enemy to the brain

Rich Learning- movement, 4 arts





"In a quality school, everyone is a teacher."

Whitney Phipps- Vocalist, Founder of Non Profit

US Dream Academy

Book About the Love of Teaching

A Hero's Journey

Concurrent Session- How to Change School Culture in 90 Days

Crest High School- Shelby, North Carolina

Community College Courses offered on High School Campus

Offer Technical a Courses on Site- Entrance to careers

Added student and teacher accomplishments to the end of school checklist

Books and book chats- every teacher does one, extra credit, project

Improvement lunch- off campus

Good News Cards- send to every student

Flex period- 20 minutes every day, rotates daily

Staff Morale- teacher tailgates at football games, employee of the month- teachers nominate and BLT chooses

Teachers have input on scheduling

PBIS- lunch detention for first tardy, teach the policies, model the policies in first 3 weeks of school, school wide cookout

Expectations- PSA's done by students, signs in the halls and cafeterias

Technology Panel

TWIT- Leo Lapore

75 percent of usb thumb drives from China have malware viruses 2 million giveaway - 7% of school districts in the us are 1:1

Challenges for 1:1- Funding, pd, infrastructure

Learning Management Tool- Samsung School, App Store just for schools

C2 Collaborative- college and career ready technology academy- technology black belt series - devices deliver content, not teachers- shift of needs and focus

1:1 Paperless Classroom- lesson Format- essential question, students conduct research and then demonstrate learning. Evernote used for taking notes. Used Google docs for shared document editing,

John Green- Crash Course Videos

TED Ed Videos

Show Me App

Cisco Education- Paradise Valley Unified School District

GRIT- What it is and Why Kids Need it- Dr. David Walsh

Genetics- Hard wiring, experience- neurons that fire together wire together (practice)

"Whatever the bargain does a lot of is what the brain gets good at."

Grit- perseverance and passion for long term goals (Duckworth)

  • Perseverance
  • Resilience
  • Self Discipline
  • Ability to delay gratification

Executive Function, self regulation, self discipline used interchangeably (not tied to intelligence)

Self discipline is twice as strong a predictor of school success as intelligence

Executive Function- how we learn,

  • Concentration
  • Manage impulses
  • Overcome obstacles

Executive function is taking center stage because it is on the decline

Threats to Executive Function - evidence Based

  • Stress overload - certain amount is helpful, optimal learning takes place under the right amount BOOK- How Children Succeed, Paul Tough, stress affects the prefrontal cortex long term (poverty, abuse) Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (CDC) 20% of children are experiencing 3, 4 or higher affects executive functioning, 6 or above higher suicide rate

BOOK- Moving Past Perfect, two faces of perfectionism

  • Sleep deficit- executive function declines as you get tired, why diets fall apart at night, why kids fall apart at the end of the day, ALL age groups are sleep-deprived, teenagers are most sleep-deprived
REMEDY- limit technology before bedtime, bedrooms are tech free zones, wind down well before bedtime
  • Sedentary lifestyle- happy (dopamine), stable (seratonin), energized (norepinephrine)- exercise produces BDNF (miracle gro for the brain), increased exercise leads to improvement of executive function, sedentary lifestyle leads to decline in EC.

REMEDY- limit technology use outside the classroom , cdc recommends 60 min of exercise each day

  • Disappearance of free play- in Finland 15 minutes, every 45 minutes (free, unorganized play) block scheduling is counter-intuitive to this concept- recess and free play improve executive function

REMEDY- don't forget recess, encourage free play, balance organized play with free play

  • Misuse and Overuse of media- tech is neither good nor bad but powerful, seeking circuit of the brain can take over our lives (technology)

Multi tasking unrelated streams of media simultaneously, 50% of 8 year olds have cell phones, Tweens average 2.5 media streams at a time

Heavy users show a deficit of social skills (face to face), world interaction becomes less comfortable

More they multi task, the more mistakes they make, have trouble blocking distractions, ramble in their writing, have trouble transitioning

You cannot share attention, you switch attention.

Remedy- digital literacy, digital citizenship, NEED- digital discipline - curfew, moved appropriate use, tech free zones, discourage multi-tasking

  • Culture of more, fast, easy, and fun

BOOK- "No" Dr. David Walsh

The Marshmallow Test (self-discipline)

"Self discipline is twice as strong a predictor of school success as intelligence."

Say Yes to No

Engaging Students Through Entertainment Technology

Step 1: Survey- identify needs of stakeholders

Step 2: Research- learn from best practices, call, Skype, visit, talk with industry professionals

Step 3: Develop Industry Partners- ARMDEC, AEGIS, Curse- Minecraft and World of Warcraft

Step 4: Secure the Funding and Support- superintendent and BOE support, have hard data to back up program, develop a realistic, 3-year plan and budget, include line items for hardware, software, curriculum, PD with travel ($5.00 per student)

Don't need to be 1:1 to Mae it work free gaming (math, science, problem solving)

Step 5: Hire the Right Teachers- loves working with children, technology savvy, flexible, eager to learn, ready to work hard, "can do" attitude (Blake Borden, Trailblazing Teacher)

Entertainment Technology Academy at Huntsville Middle School- using Minecraft

Step 6: identify the Courses- Zulama Curriculum (high school), Evolution of Games

Big image
AEGIS- contact for career day

Step 7: Develop New Curriculum- work with district office, write grant to fund courses that Zulama did not provide. Examples- Intro to Robotics, Web Design and Music Technology

Mind gear Labs in Huntsville

Step 8: Evaluate, Re-evaluate, and Adapt- merge elementary, middle, and high schools, develop along feeder pattern, identify critical skills our students will need to be relevant in the job market ( keep student centered across levels to promote engagement)

Step 9: Continuously Learn & Grow- stay in front of growth, needs to look different and change, small purchases (lease equipment). Consider E- Rate funds, vertical and horizontal teaming, don't duplicate programs across grade levels, provide support for teachers at least once a month

Data- increase in attendance, decrease in discipline, engages middles to the lows

HMS- Aaron King,,

Coding in the Elementary Classroom

Heather Hall & Faith Plunkett
Big image

Entertainment Technology Academyyt


Bee Bots


30 minutes for younger grades, 45- 60 for upper picture password for younger kids, FROZEN course

Program a friend activity- write on a sheet of paper, no more than 15 minutes, using arrows only

Build Lego maze and have students program another student through the maze

Program your friend to wash their hands, debug if it doesn't work

Graph Paper programming

Kodable App (K-2)

Bot logic Website ( upper elementary)

Scratch- does not teach fundamentals, requires email addresses, blend with

Tynker web-based programming, has more lesson plans than scratch, has teacher dashboard

Rotates with arts and music,

Made with Code by Google

Games/ Devices that Teach Coding

  • Robot Turtles 3-4th grade but says preK
  • Spheros (works with app, ask for education discount)
  • Makey- Makeys- use play dough
  • Bee Bots- $650 for a set, no app make a 15cm mat, use a street scene carpet or mat

5th grade- broadcasting, virtual yearbook

4th grade- video game design

Codeable on Twitter #kidscancode

Faith Plunkett- @missfplunkett