Elizabeth Loftus

Elizabeth Loftus was born in Los Angeles, California on October 16, 1944 to Sidney and Rebecca Fishermen. She at first wanted to be a Math Teacher, but after she took a psychology class she instantly became interested in psychology after she took a class. Her own personal experience with False Memory also pushed her into the field. When she was fourteen her mother drowned. Many years later her uncle told her about how she was the first to find her. Vivid memories rushed back into her head. But later that day her uncle called and told her she has made a mistake. That her Aunt was the first one to find her mother. Elizabeth wondered where thise memories had came from.

False Memories

Elizabeth's biggest contribution to the psychology field is false memories. She has done much research on the subject. It shows that false memories can be triggered in up to 25 percent of people by giving or suggesting the wrong information. Her research mostly focuses on repressed sexual abuse memories from childhood. It has gotten her thrown into over 200 cases to testify. Although not all her colleagues agree on her work. She has gotten much criticism from others in the field.

"The most terrifying thing is that what we believe with all our hearts may not necessarily be true."

Modern Day

Lofus' has done many experiments with repressed memories. They all prove by simply giving a subject false information, a false memory can be formed. By using this information they can help innocent people who have been convicted of crimes they did not commit. She has testified for many people convicted of crimes they didn't commit, and helped show how the false memories could be created through Memory Work they may have done with a therapist. Memory Work is the process of retrieving repressed memories through therapeutic techniques.