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Paul scully-Power

Paul was born on May 24 1944 in Sydney,

Dr Paul Scully-Power is a leader in applied technology, an innovator and corporate strategist, and is Australia’s first astronaut having flown aboard Challenger on the 13th mission of the Space Shuttle.

He has extensive commercial and government experience in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and is widely recognised in the fields of technology and strategy, defence and security.

Scully-Power went on to work in private industry. He is considered a world expert in remote sensing: visible, infra-red, radar and acoustic.

Parkes Observatory

2 months before the mission, NASA changed their plans on what they were going to do.

It had been discovered, that the moon will be directly on top of the parks obsevary.

They upgraded the Parkes site from being a backup site to becoming the main receiving station.

Parkes Telescope

The reason the Parkes Telescope was able to produce such clear images because of it's such big dish. NASA later used the design of the Parkes Telescope as a model for creating the large recevier for NASA's deep space network traker. NASA upgraded the parkes site from being a backup site to a main recieving site.