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romeo and juliet

Even though romeo and Juliet's families where rivals it made Juliets father makes juliet marry someone else instead of romeo

Juliet's dad lord capulet made juliet make her die because he wanted juliet to marry paris other than romeo. romeo was kicked how of town and not allowed back, “Immediately we do exile him hence… else, when he is found, that our is his last” (Shakespeare) Because it talk about how lord capulet wants juliet to marry paris than romeo and she didn’t want to marry paris but she couldn't because she was already madly in love with romeo so she takes a potion to kill her the day of her wedding. “this i do i drink to thee” (Act: IV Scene: III ).

romeo come to the tomb to see juliet and he sees her dead so he takes a potion to kill him next to juliet. “romeo, there dead was husband to that juliet” (Act:IV Scene: III ).
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a song similar to romeo and juliet is Wrapped Around her finger Brad Paisley

he is in love with a girl and he wants to marry her but its really soon to marry her because they have been together for 7 months and he wants to marry her because shes all he thinks of and he is wrapped around her finger. "ive been wrapped around her finger since the fist time we went out... i think its time to put a ring around her finger" (brad paisley).
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a movie similar to romeo and juliet is 8 Seconds

in the movie 8 Seconds a Kellie Kyle frost and Lane Clyde Frost meet at a rodeo and hang out a couple times then they get married but they are not doing to good because lane is a rodeo boy and hes out for weeks straight not coming home then he dies from the bull Takin' Care of Business but he dies only because Kellie cheated on him and he cheated on her and he felt bad so he rode terrible then Kellie lanes wife is left with money and a farm. so romeo is like lane and Kellie is like julliet